Friday, September 17, 2010

♥ Love My Nails Chrome Envy ♥

Love My Nailz Chrome - Envy 3 thin coats no TC

Whoa - this is a very pretty polish, but becuase it is a chrome it shows off every single flaw. I didn't realize how banged up my nails were as I have been very crafty lately. I will try this polish again soon becuase it dries soooo fast and is a gorgeous colour - it will be great for layering.

I bought this at Walmart in the USA for 2 bucks...... I couldn't find the Chartreuse Chrome Love My Nails polish, I have seen a few of these swatched and they are all very pretty....

When I realized how beat up my nails looked with 2 coats I didn't bother with top coat, and just added another coat of polish. on my thumb I did add a matte-fy-ing Top Coat.



Sun - THUMB 2 coats of Claire's Matte Top Coat




Lucy said...

Love this polish! I think I may have some. I know I have Chrome polishes from Sally Hansen. This looks wonderful on you. Love the shade.

Anita said...

Love this. I have some Avon Chrome's but I haven't seen this brand before and I live in the US... Go figure.