Sunday, January 2, 2011

about those boring NYC In a New York Minute polish's

3 thin coats of NYC in a New York Minute Downtown. No TC

 So, for whatever reason, I kept passing these NYC polish's when I hit up various drug stores or Dept Stores.... they just didnt seem worth purchasing at the time. So far I am impressed with all 6 of these shades, though MoMa is way to sheer for my tastes, these all have a great formula, dry fast, and are surprisingly lovely colours.

Any polish that is opaque in less than 3 thin coats and dry's fast is fabulous to me; BUT I have to apologize for my lack of accurate colour descriptions for these two polish's. MoMA is a bright but sheer Barbie Pink, while Down Town is a nice mulberry colour. Steph of Steph's Closet wrote " Downtown 244B - a dusty pomegranate pink creme." So I'm going with that

L-R Canal Street, Chelsea, MoMa, Down Town, Park Avenue, Manhatten

MoMA is a beautiful bright shade - but it is very sheer and needs 4 to 5 coats to cover.

2 coats / 1 coat on my index nail.... this is extremely sheer, but it is definitely an eye-catching color, ewwwwwe - you can see through my nails!

2 thin coats of NYC MoMA, needs 4 to 5 to opacity, I'll have to layer this over white polish or a buff skin toned shade next time I wear it. This color is very Barbie-ish....I do like it just wish it was more of a creme polish and not jelly-ish.

on the left; Sinful Colors Just You Wait, which I have worn HERE, and the mystery Sinful Color - I swear this had a label when I bought it. It is a shimmery glass fleck pink. I'll have to swatch it soon to figure out it's real name.


Julie L. said...

Hi, I think that mystery Sinful Colors polish might be called Glass Slipper.


Julie L. said...

Actually, not Glass Slipper...ha ha, Glass Pink. My mistake. :P

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I've found myself picking up the NYCs lately too. The formula on the one's I've tried is great, and I love the shape and size of thee bottles.

Lucy said...

Shame that MOMA is so sheer. It's a pretty shade. What I love is the Sinful Colors. I love You Just Wait.

PhreakPhantasia said...

The mystery polish is definitely Glass Pink! I picked it up just because it was so pretty in the bottle. :D

Unknown said...

I have to get more of the NYC the are awesome for the price. I agree with the others your missing label one is Glass Pink :D