Friday, January 21, 2011

stylish blogger award and a franken

Thank you to everyone who gave me this award! If you haven't done this already, then you should.

7 things about me? these are sorta boring but all related to nail polish. One BONUS factoid is I think i am the only girl in the western world over 25 without a cellphone - Never have and hopefully will never have to.

  •  I am probably never going to purchase a nail polish over 5 bucks again in my life. It would have to be really really special, because I have found hundreds of bottles of polish that are under 4 dollars in department stores and dollar stores that are fabulous.
  • It seems at least 3 times a week I dream about finding mounds and mounds of fabulous nail polish or I am visiting the USA and I am shopping at the dollar tree and I am buying a tonne of nail polish. Serious. 3 times a week. Its a nice dream but the reality is sometimes torture! 
  •  I sometimes want to start a 'harassment campaign' against Sally Hansen so they release Nail Prisms in Diamond ( silver linear holographic/prismatic) 2 or 3 of the stronger duo-chromes and a flakie like Hidden Treasure but in the X-treme Wear collection, or even the Hard as Nails line. Considering all the recent things they have added to their brand I cannot imagine this would be a stretch for them. STOP!!! the world does not need any more pink polish!!!!!!
  • Currently I have 70-ish bottles on my to buy list that are in stores waiting for me. 
  •  I am worried to admit how many bottles of nail polish I own
  •  I totally lied about 'getting over' not having my light-bulb ( pic in side bar ) this weekend I am on a mission to find another and I am buying back-ups.
  •   Swatch-a-thons need to be totally spontaneous for me - The last few times I planned nail blog related activities things did not work out - and that is bothersome because I want to contribute as much as possible even though I have a lot of time limits♥
Here is a few photos of a franken I previously wore with Beauties factory nail sticker strips which are no longer available on their site. They do have another choice though, and i think you get more variety with their new product.

I made this franken with Billie White and Claire's Matte Cobalt and a shimmery sand coloured older polish. The white polish I used ate up all the shimmer, but when I began to remove it the shimmery particles were visible on  my nail = weird!

shimmery bits on my artificial nails.... weird!

This look is more of an experiment, I just used clear polish to adhere these stones and the plastic round bubbles. I am trying to see how long it will last with all the household chores and such I have planned for tomorrow. I added a coat of clear over these plastic rhinestones that I picked up at the Dollar-Rama which made them look more like bubbles, rather than crystal-like

I'm loving washed out pastels lately - it matches the gloomy skies of winter in my region. ALSO: a small piece of uncooked spaghetti is the best way to pick up and place rhinestones and other nail art pieces.

lick - pick-up - place

I used a coat of Sally Hansen ceramics clear polish to adhere these stones and the same polish's doused on my nail to hold them in place for the day. Those large black very dimensional round things are plastic doll eyes = creepy!



    Unknown said...

    I actually love the result!
    And thank you for the spagetti tip!

    Laynie said...

    That spaghetti tip is great! I generally use a bamboo skewer with a tiny blob of poster putty on the tip. It's got enough stick to pick them up, but not so much that it won't let go.

    I love the black bubbles/doll eyes! So creepy but fun! :D

    Lucy said...

    However did you find out that uncooked spaghetti worked to pick up the jewels? Great tip. The dolls eyes I don't like.

    G. said...

    Oh my gosh, I literally *just* tagged you with this exact same award on my blog! Haha! Oh well. :)

    I LOVE what you did with those jewels. :D

    Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

    It'd be awesome if we all can buy awesome polish without spending more than $5 huh? I'm eyeing Cult Nails though and they are $10 :(