Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nail Stickers and Nailene Black Frenh Tip Pen

I have far too many nail art items that I do not use enough & WOW I did a sloppy acetone clean up and it made the skin surrounding my nails look awful, I much prefer to use moisturizer around my nails, paint, and then hopefully peel it off, especially when wearing pastels.... 

This is a quick look I did using Nailene black French Tip Pen, Beauties Factory sticker strips and a light greyed out baby blue franken. I like these types of large nail stickers, they are easy to use and pretty. They can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply, or online at Beauties Factory. There is a few eBay stores who sell these types of loooong nail stickers as well.

This was 3 coats of my franken, followed by the nail stickers, the Black french tip pen, and finally Top Coat.

ALSO: Thanks everyone for your comments of my 'Chloe Patchwork Mani', I didn't really appreciate it until the next day, I plan on trying that again.

stuff I used................ un-named greyed out baby blue Franken, beauties Factory Nail Stickers, Nailene French Tip Pen in lack, Nailene Top Coat

I find this easy to apply to my nail this way= instead of cutting them individually, I like to peel a small segment off and 'roll it' onto my nail.

if the stickers over-extend the width of the nail they will peel off pretty quick; my middle nail is good and I made sure to have the TC all the way to the edge of my nail, but my ring nail is already lifting after washing my hands twice

oops! I think I should have added this last week, but this was on sale at Micheal's crafts store for 5 bucks.... I always wanted to try some nail art with those bullion bead things, and that bar glitter is seriously pretty


Enamel Girl said...

very cute! i need to use my nail art stuffs more often also.

Clarissa said...

cute! i must check out Micheal's now (:

Angeles said...

Very good idea black french and stickers! I have similar stickers and I'll try this mani in other colors (I love black and nude combo)
Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

carissakuo said...

oh how cute! :)

Lucy said...

Like those stickers. I just don't have any nail length to use them.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Just FYI - the metallic martha stewart bullion beads may "bleed" and lose their color once topcoat is applied to them. I found this out when trying the multicolored metallic 12 pack and had to return them. I have the glass ones now, and though the colors aren't as vivid, at least they don't bleed.
Can't wait to see what you do with yours.