Sunday, January 23, 2011

Claire's Venomous

Claire's Venomous, 3 coats layered over 2 coats of Claire's Matte Cobalt with 2 coats of Nailene TC. Ring Nail is 3 or 4 coats of Claire's Venomous ( I forgot how many coats....oops! )

Claire's Venomous is a lovely fleck-duo-chrome with a jelly teal base. I meant to layer this over a teal or green polish but for some-reason I applied this over a dark blue polish.... The base on this is a teal, so I thought it would really look its best layered over a teal... next time lol.

I picked up Candy Apply, and left behind Evil Queen, because it sorta looked like and random dark purple with Pure Ice Bused layered over it. I have already painted my nails with a dark purple and pure ice busted and its drying as I type this.
I HATE buying Claire's polish if it isn't on the 10 for $10 rack or not at half price ( it is reg $5.75 CAD ) even at BOGO it is still over priced. 

any-hoo Here is a few ore photos for you - no sunshine unfortunately, but this type of duo-chrome polish does it's best work under crappy lighting conditions anyway. I ♥ duo-chromes!

TOP nail is 3 or 4 coats of Claire's Venomous

ALSO: I found some of those micro-beads at the Dollar-Rama ( Canada), They are a small portion in a tiny bottle - it should be interesting to see what I can some up with for nail art with these...... ( there soooooo cute!  look @ those lil' corks!!!)

these next 2 photos are enlargeable - the first & second on the left are soooooooo pretty!

above - L-R ..............all with TC

2 coats of Wn'W Disturbia, 1 coat of SH Green w/Envy 2 coats of Pure Ice oh Baby
2 coats of Wn'W Disturbia, 3 coats of Pure Ice Oh Baby
2 coats of Claire's Matte Cobalt, 3 coats of Claire's Venomous
2 coats of Claire's Matte Green, 3 coats of Claire's Venomous
3 coats of Claire's Venomous
2 coats of Claire's Matte Cobalt, 3 coats of Claire's Poison Apple
3 coats of Claire's Poison Apple

 I layered Claire's Venomous over a 2 coats of dark blue polish. My ring nail is Claire's Venomous @ 1 coat... this is really sheer and I initially meant to layer Venomous over a green/teal polish.


Iris @ said...

Very pretty! And I wish we had a dollarstore here aswell haha, lucky you! Think I'm going to visit Claires soon ;)

LadyLuck said...

wow i should get this :O

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous polish!

Lucy said...

These are some gorgeous nails. Love them all. Can't wait to see with those beads.

jaljen said...

What I love is the way you create such amazing effects but you do it with polishes that don't cost an arm and a leg. Shows your nails can look great without having to pay Chanel prices!

blog Usei Hoje said...

Todos lindos seus esmaltes!!!!!
Uma cor mais linda que a outra!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your nails look fabulous. I love the combinations of these colors. So pretty!

Unknown said...

I love that duochrome its gorgeous :)

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Gracious, sparkle porn! Can I just say 'yes' to them all?! :)