Friday, January 14, 2011

NYC MoMA, layered to make it opaque

Above 3 coats of NYC MoMA, layered over 1 coat of an opaque silver polish. I love this colour but was very dis-appointed to find it was horribly sheer, so I layered it over an opaque silver from Claire's. Seconds after I applied TC and Minutes before my photo shoot I marred my middle nail - DANG!

first 2 nails are 2-3 coats, nail on far right is 1 coat -  too sheer for me!

w/ 1 coat of silver and 3 coats of MoMA

Please disregard the difference in lighting and camera settings....and that terrible smear at the base of my middle nail.. Using an opaque silver or white  helps a pretty, but sheer polish like NYC MOMA to be more opaque and can brighten the overall colour.

Claire's Clean Slate - 1 coat

Claire's Platinum - 2 thin coats


jaljen said...

I would never have thought an opaque silver base would have that effect! Must try this.

Brynne said...

Pretty sure you got the names on the pics of the two Claire's silvers reversed, :)

I LOVE MoMA over the silver, then again, I generally adore bright colours.

Lucy said...

That looks really pretty layered. I'll have to try this since I own MOMA.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing. That Claire's color is also very pretty. I never would expect that from an inexpensive brand like Claire's.

carissakuo said...

oh nice layering looks! :)
I've also tagged you in stylish blog award: