Wednesday, January 5, 2011

......3 Random girly Shades

I thought for certain this polish would require at least 5 coats, but here it is at 3. This shimmery finish is not my favirote, and the colour feels really bland and washed out. it looks great outdoors in the sunshine and I think this would be lovely if I had darker skin - I'm very pale in these winter months and it gives my skin that blah look.....

This is 3 coats without TC,  I thought I would get creative with some pretty nail art or layering, but like most people I am down with the sniffles, and literally want to build a fort with all the blankets in my home and not come out for 2 to 3 days.

2 coats of Sinful Colors Glass Pink layered over NYC Park Ave. ( above)

I had to get this on my nails... even though it was only for the afternoon. Sinful Colors Glass pink is a very pretty glass flecks sheer-ish baby pink. The finish on this polish is captivating -  I kept looking at my nails and moving my hands around to see the glass fleck-ed-i-ness flecking out! ( lololol)

I feel as though I did not do it justice by layering it over my previous mani, I have seen alot of photos of this on the interwebs and it looks lovely on its own at 3 to 4 coats. It dried very fast and dried to a high shine, although I added TC anyway.

Wet n' Wild Casting Call ( i keep wanting to write casting couch lol )

Wet n' Wild Casting Call escaped my radar somehow...... It is a very pretty Santa-Fe-ish colour that I cannot liken to anything..... It looks caramel-ish in some lighting and in other lighting it has a very girly taupe-rose look.

Does anyone have a better colour description, all I can think of is Santa-Fe and Arizona adobe buildings

 This was 3 coats with NO TC




Jo said...

I love the first. Super pretty <3

MandaxLeslie said...

such pretty colors!! I love casting call i want it!!

Raeven Marie said...

i think the first one is very pretty w/ the sparkly top coat over it! i think i'm going to try it with the similar colors that i have :)

Lucy said...

I have the NYC and it's a bit frosty. Oh well! At least I didn't pay for it. Like the Glass Pink. I don't have that one. Casting Call is a really pretty shade. Like that one very much.

jaljen said...

Glass Pink. So pretty.