Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pure Ice Rio, {more layering}

2 coats of Pure Ice Rio layered over 2 thin coats of Claire's Matte Green

When I did my My Favorite Polish's post I had every Pure Ice Polish I have worn on there, but no photos, and I made a note to work on wearing those polish's. Pure Ice is an American polish Exclusive to Walmart USA, {they do have a website where you can order from}.

The entire collection is very wearable, there doesn't seem to be any negative buzz on the formula or colours either. I wish we had these in Canada! Is there any dud's in the current Pure Ice collection?

Anyhoo- this is Pure Ice Rio, which is a raspberry jelly base with mesmerizing flecks of ......flecks that flash blue, green purple and white-ish silver. I layered it over a medium green. I am pretty sure layering this over anything would be beautiful.


Claire's Matte Green - 2 coats

indoor fluorescent


Lucy said...

This polish is really pretty layered. I also love that green.

Anonymous said...

The green is so pretty.

Silence is Loud said...

thats a really pretty matte green!