Sunday, January 2, 2011

MORE! NYC in a New York Minute polish's

4 thin coats of NYC Chelsea w/TC

So I'm pretty much copying what Steph at Steph's closet wrote about this, Chelsea is a deep candy apple shimmer....  I love the shimmer in this polish and like this shade of red. This polish needed 4 thin coats * could be 5 * but it dried ridiculously fast, so I cannot complain.

The Website for NYC In A New York Minute has not been updated with their recent additions, and there is a few on there that are no longer in the current Canadian collection. One very pretty one that I do not have is called Fifth Avenue, a coppery orange shimmer. I'll have to hunt around my town and see if I can round one up. 

NYC Manhattan is a deep burgundy magenta creme - YESSSSS! a creme, my favorite polish finish. I kept messing up my paint job by touching stuff and brushing the surface of my nails against things, so this is just 2 coats because I had to remove this and start over. I didnt even bother to do a proper clean up ~ I somehow managed to get polish on the back of my hand ( wtf  lol ) 

I love this colour and am happy that it is a dark vampy shade, but not so dark that you can't tell it is purple. I'll have to hunt through my collection and see what it is comparable to. The formula on this was perfect and it dried very, very  fast......

2 coats ( needs 3 thin coats ) without top coat


indoor flo


Shaina said...

The burgundy purple color is so gorgeous that I put it on my list of "Nail Polishes to Buy".
Thank you for posting this!

Lucy said...

I have both of these. I never had any of NYC brand before last year. My girlfriend picked up the whole collection for me last year. She loves anything to do with NYC so she had to have them all. They were a nice gift! I love this brand now. Good price and beautiful shades.

Jo said...

Ooh I love both, especially the second (:

Sinead said...

I love NYC as chips and the colours are fab! Manhattan is on the wish list!