Friday, December 31, 2010

Sinful Colors Just You Wait.....

and wait I did! almost 10 months after seeing this fabulous duo-chrome polish on Mary's Blog, Body and Soul - I have it! I found this in Canada at London Drugs, it was a surprise to see the Sinful Colors polish's collection here in Canada. So far they only have the boring, work appropriate shades, none of the funky bright polish's that can be found at Walgreen's USA or on-line at Cherry culture and the Sinful Colors website.

I really really wanted this polish - and now I have it. It is a fabulous STRONG duo-chrome that ranks right up with the older Sally Hansen Duo-Chrome Nail Prisms, too bad it's all gloomy and cloudy outside.  Indoors the duo-chrome is apparent, but it shows more of a flashy evergreen, with a slight tinge of golden shimmer.

I have layered 1 coat of Sinful Colors Just You wait over my previous mani, NYC Canal Street, I added 2 outdoor pic's of that must have polish as well in this post. While these photos under cloudy skies do not showcase the gorgeous green to burgundy to purple to gold duo-chrome, the effect is still visible. This is another must have.

It looks so boring the bottle, what a surprise! My next American acquisition will be Love My Nails Dazzling -  it is soooooo pretty, and only .99 cents ( seriously! ) If you have a chance to check out the Walmart USA website, there is fabulous photos of most of the LOVE My Nails polish's ( do not pick a location on the walmart website, just type in love my nails..... or it doesn't show up for some reason )

I am puzzled that there is so many in-expensive and friggen awesome polish's out there that rarely end up on blogs, I'm talking more about polish available in the USA that are in-expensive and can be found easily at Walmarts or other department stores and drug-stores. I'm just one girl from Canada, so I am calling out USA polish lovers go model those cheap, readily available polish's that are often overlooked. there has been more 'coverage' of these in recent months, but if you happen to have any shades that are spectacular or that need to be known about, I hope that more people will blog about those.

♥ I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years Eve ♥

♥ Please, Please Don't Drink and Drive ♥

outdoors, cloudy skies

indoor flo

weird dim lighting

Below; NYC Canal Street, I layered 1 coat of  Sinful Colors Just You Wait over NYC Canal Street.
Here it is outdoors under cloudy skies.

indoors fluorescent lighting


Unknown said...

This is so pretty I have the same colour and its so sheer I didn't think to use it layering thanks for the idea!

Happy New Year!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Oh, what a great idea using this as an overlay. I can't believe I didn't think of that. But you are so rockin' this one!!!

Taki J said...

I love duochromes... So pretty.

Tassa said...

Pretty! :)

Happy New Year!!! *kiss*

Lucy said...

Gorgeous layering that polish over Canal Street. Have a very Happy New Year.