Monday, June 21, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen Aqua Chrome Sapphire Chrome and Pure Ice Strapless ♥

DANG This was supposed to auto post last night!

I wanted to Stretch out his pretty Sapphire Chrome polish so I added a what I believe is Sally Hansen Aqua Chrome, It looks exactly like Naturistc's Blue Spark which I have modeled HERE. There is no name on the bottle so I hope that I got the right name for it.

I applied the straight Nailene Tips & Toes french tip guides diagonally across my nails, then applied 2 thin coats of Sally Hansen Aqua Chrome. When it was dry I removed the tip guides and applied 2 coats of Pure Ice Strapless, one of the best blue glitters out there. I am a huge fan of Pure Ice polish, even though I only have 5, all the swatches I have seen impress me and I wish we had these in Canada. I love the square bottle and am happy with the quality.

Here is a few photos -  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

with my very lovely almost black pansy's

applied Nailene strait nail tip guides diagonally across nail.
2 thin coats of Sally Hansen Aqua Chrome
Remove nail tip guides when polish was dry.....
applied two NOT STRAIGHT coats of Pure Ice Strapless,


amusedPolish said...

I love pure ice polishes too- I got a few from an sweet swapper and you just made my choice by picking my next mani a lot easier ^^

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Love it. I'm really liking Pure Ice polishes. They're a good bargain.

missjessiiiica said...

cute mani! its simple, but fun at the same time!
<3 Jessica

Unknown said...

I LOVE blue glitter out there!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

We got a sneak peek at this mani in your last post, I was wondering what it was! Like this - especially the Strapless on the diagonal.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

..and let me know if you have specific pure ice colors you want, I can grab them easily and we can sort out how to get them to you - if you'd like.

artful expression said...

Nice idea and good color combo :D I was glad to find another Canadian blogger and nail polish addict. I just started my blog, and you posted to add the tag in a comment. The webbie is

Johanna (Paillette) said...

Oh, that is so beautiful!!

My little corner of the nail blogosphere:

Thanks for the inspiration!

Ruthie said...

Nom!!! Great colors together! I'm getting SH Aqua Chrome soon - WOO HOO! My first SH Chrome polish!!! :D

Didn't realize you don't get Pure Ice in Canada... Is that still the case (since this post is almost a year old now)?

If so, I am soooo happy to buy and send PI to you! I'm in North Dakota, too, so depending where you are in Canada, might not be that far away (MB is way close, BC is far away, need to look at a map for the rest - LOL! :D) in case that makes shipping from US to Canada less expensive (I know it doesn't for small packages, under ~10oz or so, but might for larger ones?)?? Just a thought, anyway! :)

Miss Tashia said...

Is the nail guides you use only available in Canada? I've looked everywhere, perhaps I'm using the wrong keywords. Maybe you can help link some sites to find them? Thanks so much! Love scanning through your blog for ideas.