Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ Claire's Yellow Brick Road & Franken plus $1 store nail gems ♥

Claire's Yellow Brick Road with Yellow Brick Road Franken

Here is an easy and cute way to stretch a mani - I always end up doing some diagonal design, and this time I wanted to use patterned scissors. I also experimented with blue tape, I had to apply it to a the backing from a mailing label to cut it. The scissors I used were not that great and it was difficult to cut through both materials. Both the blue tape and the mailing labels had the same result. There was very little gooey residue and very little seepage.

The base of this mani is 3 coats of a franken I made using Claire's Yellow Brick Road and Billie French White. The chicks at Claire's gave me the side eye when I bough 4 bottles of this....  I have whipped up so many cool frankens with this polish = I wish I bought more!!!!! I actually wore this plain for a whole 24 hours before I decided to jazz it up. I applied the patterned nail guides I made then swiped on 3 thin coats of Claire's Yellow Brick Road which pooled substantially at the nail guides, but is only noticable up close..... very, very close.

  Because Yellow Brick Road is a neon it dried super duper fast and super duper dull.... when I was sure it was dry I removed the nail guides, and applied a coat of clear polish before I applied 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. Viola! This was a perfect mani for the gloomy morning we had - thankfully we got some sun so I am not gonna complain

Also I found some awesome nail gems from Dollar-rama...... These were the last two unfortunately otherwise I would have grabbed a few extra - BLACK nail gems = yeah!  THESE WERE IN THE CRAFT SECTION ♥

Below; these cute crystal wheels were only $1.00 CA each! they were the last two ( grrrrrrrrr ) I love all the neat clear ones below - the squares and rectangles are different . They are low profile too, which means less snagging on clothes and other things I was totally psyched to see BLACK crystals but there is way, way less of those than the other colours..... I will have to start stalking DollarRama again, I am trying to avoid it but I really really want to find some more of these.
$1 CAD @ DollarRama -

$1 CAD @ DollarRama -

And an E.L.F. eyeshadow brush.....



L - Claire's Yellow Brick Road R- Franken made with Billie White and Claire's Yellow Brick Road

Because these scissors are not so great, I removed 1/2 of a mailing label and stuck the tape on this area to cut it. Trying to cut this blue tape on it's own was impossible with these wavy scissors. This was my first try using blue tape......its the same result as the mailing labels.

I like this kind of nail art.... I can easily do it on my RIGHT hand♥

Franken I made using Claire's Yellow Brick Road and Billie French White. This is 3 coats, and there is a little streaky-ness. This dried soooooo fast, almost as I was applying it. Because the two polish's I used were both satin/matte it needed 2 coats of T.C. But first I applied a coat of CLEAR polish, this Billie White often gets picked up in my T.C., so I am taking preventative measures now......



Shade with Flash


Keedah @ Diary of a Style Addict said...

I just bought that wheel off of Ebay and I know I paid more than $1 for it. My dollar stores never have goodies like that! I also just effed up some mailing labels at work. Luckily I didnt throw them away and i can use them for my nails! Also can you add my blog to your blogroll? Thanks!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

I thought I had you already - oops!

Freshie said...

Soo creative!

Angie | said...

cute scallop design! haha mailing labels - who would have thought?

Vibrant V said...

What a great idea! I might just give that a go! :)

Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I love this!!!!

jaljen said...

I have tried the sticky label but not got it down yet.
2 major problems
Adhesion or lack of and leakage of polish beneath the label
Removing polish when I remove the label

Any advice??? Please?

Unknown said...

What a clever idea!! *Wonderful* Your mani is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :D

jaljen said...

Thank you so much for your answer to my query about stickers. I shall have to persevere because I'd love to achieve the kind of looks that you create and it does tally well with extending the use of polishes by doing more with them and getting greater value from them.
Thank you.

Susie said...

What a cool manicure. You are so creative. :)
Oh and I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog. I just started it yesterday.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Thanks for reminding me that I have yet to use my (5 pairs of) patterned scissors and painters tape! I love the look and colors on your nails. Also drooling at the crystals you got so cheaply!

Kasiuchetka said...

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Polish and Powder said...

oh I love this, so pretty!

have tagged you for an award, you can see it here

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thanks for the swatch of this polish (Claire's). I felt bad buying this because I was thinking it would be horrible (it's untried to this day) but you've made me feel glad about my purchase! :)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Keedah @ Diary of a Style Addict - I do have you on my bog roll.... lovely photos ( shoes!!!!) and lots of info.

♥ Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? - my oh my, what beautiful nails you have...............

♥ Freshie - Thanks!

♥ Angie - I was very happy when this worked out! The tape works too - but I wave drawn things on the mailing labels and cut them out - thats why I started using them.
♥ Vibrant V - It was very easy and designs like this are forgivable - so any little mistakes are not noticed..... thats my kind of nail art.

♥ Brooke - thanks1 its super duper easy

♥ Jaljen - I tried 3 different types of mailing labels before I found one that worked well, the tape was an experiment today that worked out great. I think using thin coats is the way to go, and lots of practice!

♥ rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* - Thanks, I like these easy simple nail art styles...

♥ Jaljen - welcome♥ I cant believe I wasn't following you before!!!!!! Dang, I always had you on my blog roll.....

♥ Susie1955 - Thanks! you are a very generous lady with great nails and great ideas♥

♥ ABOP -Those scissors are fabulous arent they - there is limitless possibilities for neat easy nail art. Those crystals were a surprise at the dollar store - looks like they are permanent item, too, just out of stock in my town

♥ Kasiuchetka - Hello! I added you to my blog roll



♥ BabyD @ Polish and Powder -I like this mani alot - so simple and summery - Thank you for the award!

♥ bellebathandbeyond - This polish looks amazing over white - and I have made some fabulous franknes with it, too