Wednesday, June 16, 2010

♥ Nail Fetish - Lizard & more S.H. Chrome info ♥

Nail Fetish Lizard 4 thin coats with base-coat and Nailene T.C.

No - I did not but all those polish's in the boxes..... that was the delivery they received at the store. Looney Twoons dollar store is the same store in my town where I get all my Billie polish's. It used to be a " .99 cents Only" dollar store- but I guess becuase things are no longer only .99 cents; they changed the name. I actually only bought 8 at that store { $1.29 each }, and I found 4 more at the other dollar store 'A Buck or Two' { $1.50 each }in my town.. Alot of these chrome polish's are very similar, and while each is unique an very pretty........ I can survive w/o them. I cant buy alllllllllll the bargain polish's in my town.

Before I go on ( and on and on and on about ancient discontinued polish's ) i want to thank everyone for the well wishes for my potential career ending nail injury. My nail is OKAY and early on Monday morning I applied my false nails. I miss how easy they are to paint and I definitely missed that I could be somewhat careless and not have to worry about injuries like the one I sustained.  I am a klutzy gal; always walking into things with my arms a'swing'in. I hated having to be careful with my real fingernails.

Remember those prices above, becuase after looking at THIS you are going to flip out. At first I thought this place was in Australia or another planet, but apparently they are located in Boise, Idaho. These Chrome polish's are very pretty, but there is a lot of dupes easily available like at walmart in the USA, or through China Glaze, Hopefully someone with an extensive collection will also do a feature on the Sally Hansen Chromes, or the Naturistic's Super Chromes, too.

 While I am happy I found these neat older polish's - I would never ever EVER pay $14.99 each for them.  I think I have only spent close to that 1 time, but I am finding that almost all my current favorite's have been under $2.00. Is it bad for me to write that? So given that S.H. Xtreme wears have been fabulous and are only $2.39 in Canada =  I was just appalled after seeing those prices!!!! Dang! They start at $6.99 but um..... even $4 is too much for these.

Anyhoo - My manicure for today was Nail Fetish 'Lizard' = a dark green with lots of pretty shimmer. This was 4 thin coats with base coat and Nailene acrylic Strong Top Coat. I dont currently own a shade like this and am not sure what to compare it to. I would call it a blackened green, maybe.....

Pictured below is S.H. Chrome in Carnelian Chrome

Pictured Below is Diamond Chrome








Vibrant V said...

I'm the poor girl that has to pay those prices! :( If I want them I have no choice! (And I want them... lol)
I also intend on doing a Chrome special - like the one I am doing on Prisms now - but I still have quite a bit of preparation, research and collecting to do before I'm ready! :)

Danielle said...

There is a sell out store by my house ( i live in Toronto) called designer fragrance depot, they have a bunch of older sally hansens and maybellines for 50 cents each! they stock pretty regularly too. i have purchased some chromes from there.

if you are going to be in Toronto again soon you should check it out, i found a bunch of colorama flakies (ruby rays) and newer xtreme wears! google it, i'm pretty sure they have a site.

Danielle said...

oh yea, i forgot, i have found many prisms there as well!

Erika said...

Those prices are outrageous.

I am constantly amazed at your hauls. The polishes you find, the amounts and prices. You are the master. :D

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I think I have 4 chromes in my stash. Wow. I wonder if they've actually sold any at those prices. They need to take the word discount out of their name - false advertising!