Monday, June 14, 2010

♥ Claire's Platinum & Claire's Clean Slate ♥

Sponge mani Claire's Clean Slate and Claire's Platinum, with 2 coats of Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

I love manis that look great indoors under low not so awesome lighting

I cant believe that I have only added 4 posts to my blog in these 14 days of June! Here is some quick simple nail art I did to stretch my Claire's Clean Slate mani that I wore all weekend. I tried to leave my nail boo-boo uncovered but I needed to do my nails, I needed colour!  I applied a liberal amount of glue over the crack, and then buffed it out. So far it is healing and there are no signs of any problems. THANK GOODNESS. I cant stand not wearing my fake nails, but thankfully my real nails a re pretty long right now, just not in the best of shape. I think this sponge with glitter manicure is a good example of how to hide nails that are in sorta "rough shape"

So- this was 2 coats of Claire's Clean Slate, followed by Claire's Platinum that I sponged on. I think I covered up too much of the base shade, Claire's Platinum. I added 2 coats of Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope - I love the square holographic glitter in this polish.

These are my real nails and the surface is in rough shape. My real nails often bend  because they are thin and pliable, and this leaves a lump where this bend happens. I have added a photo below of my nail completely bending due to its thinness..... Hope no-one is sick of scientific nail stuff becuase I have a few more neat things to post.

These metallic Claire's polish's have all been awesome. I think they came out before X-mas time in Canada and all the ones I have are fabulous, they apply easily and only need two coats for opacity. They have held up remarkably well each time I have worn them and the colours are beautiful. I am not sure which ones I am missing, but hope I have them all.

The photos towards the end are after to days of rough wear and tear wearing Claire's Clean Slate. I used my regular Top Coat Nailene Acrylic Strong as a base coat, then applied 2 coats of Clean Slate followed by 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat wrapping the free edge of my nail with Top Coat. BUT - before I painted my nails I also applied a small drop of Nailene Pink Nail Glue underneath my nails and spread it around with an orange wood stick to create a harder and tougher free edge.

Whenever I am not wearing false nails this is how I paint my nails. I very rarely get polish chips or tip wear.

w/ Clean Slate

w/ Platinum

w/ Wn'W Kaleidoscope

Although Nihrida posted a fabulous tutorial on how to make colour drops, I could not do it......Its just too early for complex computer stuff.... so I present colour squares.

Left ~ Clean Slate - Right ~ Platinum

Claire's Platinum & Claire's Clean Slate

Claire's Clean Slate - 2 coats with T.C.

check out how bendy my nails are;


Shade with flash


missjessiiiica said...

ouhhhh, your bendy nails look painful! If my nails would GROW they would be bendy like that!
Pretty manicure, very bling-y!
Jessica <3

AC said...

Dude, your bendy nails, AAAAHH! ;) I'm liking Clean Slate - it looks a little darker and smokier than your average silver... might have to go pick this one up while it's still around! :)

Vibrant V said...

Looks FABULOUS Dee! I'm going to have to acquire these polishes! ;)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ missjessiiiica - Thanks - I hate my bendy nails, but thats the way I are so its false nails all the way!

♥ AC - I know isn't it terrible! These Claire's polish kicked bunz and I am happy I tried them out.

♥ Vibrant V. Thanks - I am glad I took a chance and bought them.