Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sally Hansen 10 dayJamboree Beauty & Sally Hansen mystery polish

Jamboree Beauty 5 thin coast with 1 coat of Nailene T.C.

Here is 2 mani's i did that just went wrong. The first id the very pretty Sally Hansen Jamboree beauty. This came 'free' with a bottle of Sally Hansen nail remover. When I did a quickie swatch of this I knew it would need many, many coats. It is very sheer - even though it is a dark vampy polish, but those shimmery bits of red distracted me and I skipped using a dark base before trying to apply this. I marred this looking through the phone book ( .........don't ask, who uses the phone-book anymore, anyway? )

Next time, I will definitely use a black base, or even a vampy red creme instead of 5 coats of this. The other two shades I bought are lovely and opaque in 2 coats; so no worries there. These Sally Hansen No Chip 10 day polish's do not seem to get as much attention as other S.H. lines of polish. When i first spotted these in the store a few years ago I did notice that many of them were sheer, and that even though there was beautiful colours like this they would need many coats to get to the bottle colour, so I can see that most people would not be fond of these.

They did have a large colour selection when I picked up these vampy shades at walmart; HERE is the post on that. There was a few bright summery pinks, some sheer french manicure-ish colours as well as some shimmer packed reds.  I do hope that deal comes to Halifax N.S., it got me thinking that maybe at Sally Hansen H.Q. there are pallet crates FILLED with older polish..... and now they need to get rid of it and are generously attaching it to their brand of remover!!!!!  Besides that AWESOME cutex remover I got in the USA, Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Moisturizing polish remover is my preferred remover.

 The other polish  I have posted is a Mystery Sally Hansen; it has no name, it is a gorgeous red shimmery polish. I picked this up at 'A Buck or Two' dollar store in my town. Immediately after applying a coat of T.C. I scratched of my index nail..... like literally immediately after applying T.C. So I scrapped 2 polish jobs in like less than 1 hour. I could have thrown some stickers over the Mystery name Sally, but I have soooooo many polish's I want to swatch.......................

Anyhoo - up first is the lovely Jamboree Beauty. it has a dark jelly base and is packed with rich red shimmer that can be seen in low lighting.


over exposed Flash



Mystery Sally Hansen... I'll call it 'I love you Sally', how's that? too cheesy? I am all outta names.......

Shade with Flash

Outdoors shade

Outdoors shade

Indoor Fluorescent

Indoor Fluorescent


Unknown said...

I am really loving jamboree, it is truly gorgeous. I wish I can find this one :)

Biba said...

I love both shades!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the name of the red one is underneath the paper barcode sticker on the bottle?
I know for the 10 day chip ones have it either on top (where the patent pending is on the red bottle) but also they are sometimes found on the side along the bar code.
Anyway it is a lovely red! hence me suggesting XD so I can try and keep an eye out for it!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Jamboree is really pretty - it's too bad about the opacity.