Wednesday, June 2, 2010

♥ S.H. Insta Dri - 'Mint Sprint' ♥

S.H. Insta Dri  Mint Sprint 2 coats wit 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat
Indoor Fluorescent Lighting

I imagined this would be a much lighter shade....but it is a 'dusty mint creme'. When I think of the colour mint = I think of the yummy minty center of an "After Eight" { they are white inside now - but they used to be light green }.  I want to call this polish shade a teal color, they could have made up a snazzy rhyme over at S.H. Headquarters..... maybe "Teal Deal" or "Teal Feel-ings" or " Teal...... Teal..... ummm something else that rhymes with Teal.

This applied perfectly and dried FAST, I am starting to warm up to these Insta Dri polish's, but I would reach for an X-treme wear before these Insta Dri's any day..... even though they have some fabulous colours in the Insta Dri collection.

I am seriously considering inventing some type of dust capturing nail polishing chamber.Some days I have no problems and other days I seal in 2 or more pieces of noticeable fluff and dust. Any tips? Because this is ridiculous.


Shade with Flash




Shade with Flash


Crystal Polish said...

I really like this polish. It's one of my go-to colors for last-minute manicures. :)

About fluff...I find that doing my nails in the kitchen helps. At least in my kitchen, there's less dust than anywhere else in the house. And it helps not to have any fans on or windows open. :) As much as that makes it freakishly

The Allure House said...

Wonderful minty colour :)

The Kissters said...

love that color. i am so sold-- next time i do my nails i am going with a green! thanks!

the kissters

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

Oh wow, I am SO loving this color!!!

Unknown said...

Love this green!