Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naturistic's Amber Glow & Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Neutral Shimmer


Naturistic's Amber Glow  a horribly inaccurate photo

This is not just a silver polish..... many of these Chromes and Super Chromes I have come across look very similar. This was the base for another awesome older Sally Hansen polish I found at a local dollar store which I layered over this; Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Neutral Shimmer, which is a weird, weird polish.

Even though it is ridiculously humid in my part of the country, these Chromes literally dry as I am applying them.... thank goodness I am fast with my application. These are going to be awesome to stretch mani's if I don't feel like changing my whole manicure. When i apply them over Nailene T.C. they literally dry instantly. = = = awesome!

I often write that 'I totally trashed my manicure' and I often do, becuase I am a crafty gal and am always doing stuff around my home. Here is my other decorating blog


I made this out of a dollar store mirror and shish-kabob skewers ( LINK )

And I made these out of CHOPSTICKS and small mirrors, too ( LINK )

..... and a friggen tonnes of glue sticks- but it was alot of fun

I have a few links to other decorating blogs that update often. After finding out about you-tube make-up vids/ and then nail blogs, and then having my own nail blog, and now finding that there are 100's of decorating blogs i will never, ever be bored.... EVER!

 I only have two projects up, they were both tonnes of fun and I have some other cool things to post.

These beautiful hands keep busy, and when they do my nails start out looking beautiful, so please be kind when viewing the state of my polish job on my crafty blog. Anyhoo- here is Naturistic's Super Chrome in 'Amber Glow' two coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I added 2 coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength neutral Shimmer.

Indoor Fluorescent







jaljen said...

Great layering. ove your mirrors too.

Katrina said...

I love your mirrors! I always wish I could do crafty stuff like that but I never have the inspiration. I'll check out your blog and see if that can give me any ideas.

Unknown said...

i love the silver !!!

Erika said...

Pretty stuff, that. I like your mirrors, too. Thank you for the link to your other blog. :D

I tagged you for a blog award:

I really enjoy your blog and wanted to share this with you.

Anlina S. said...

Wow, I was reading your post and admiring Amber Glow and then I realized that I own it! lol That makes me happy - your swatches look great!

Sarah B. said...

Great blog!
It is nice to see some regular brands as well :)

I just loved your mirrors!

in casa you want to check out :