Friday, March 12, 2010

♥ Franken - 'Fir' ♥

Franken Polish 'Fir'  - Made with Nat Robbins 'Greed' & a white body shimmer - 2 coats

I had a hankering to whip up some franken polish and had the perfect base to use; Nat Robbing 'Greed' a very flashy green polish I picked up for $1.50 CAD at an awesome bargain store in my town. I used 6 empty mini nail polish bottles and added 'Greed'  till they looked half full and went to town. Don't worry - the mini 'Icing' polish's that I disposed of were not very pretty - ( I poured them into other bottles )

EDIT: I forgot to add that this green polish by Nat Robins was soooooooo thin & runny. It was perfect base to use for frankens. HERE is a full post with a mani for this polish.

For this Franken Polish I mixed in 1/4 teaspoon off white body shimmer, and a few drops of a rich black to get this color..... which sort of looks like Balsam Fir needles, and so I am naming it 'Fir'. I whipped up some awesome frankens and am looking forward to wearing them all soon! Any time I mix pigments, shimmers or e/s into franknes I always add 4 ballz = its a must!

For some interest on this suede finish franken I applied Nailene tip guides diagonally across my nail and used 2 coats of Nailene Top Coat. This suede looking finish drank up the topcoat, and I totally could have used another coat of T.C. I don't think I will embellish this any further because I am in a swatching mood......

Have an awesome weekend!

below - my latest franken & a quickie *swatch* of the new green frankens I have recently made

dim, mysterious lighting

sun/shade with Body Fantasies cotton candy body spray -YUM -


Skulda said...

Fir suites it. It's a great franken and I like what you did with the nail guides and topcoat.

Unknown said...

love this color !!

~*~ Dollface ~*~ said...

WOW!! I am SO loving this color!

Cah_nossovicio said...

Your franken is perfect!! I loved this kind of green!!!

Heather said...

This is really a great color! I normally HATE olive greens with a passion, but I really like this.

Michèle said...

I looove what you did with the top coat! Very subtle and beautiful.

jaljen said...

Another superb mani hits the blogosphere.
Love the contrast. Shiny, happy Blazed followed by subtle, sophisticated Fir.

Paige said...

So pretty!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Skulda - Thanks - it does look like those needles in the outside pic's

Lily Nail - Thanks!

Dollface - Thanks!

Cah_nossovicio - Thanks!

Heather / Eyeconic - Thanks I dis- liked colors like this before I accidentally mixed one up.

Michèle - Thanks! I like more subtly looks lately, too!

Jaljen - Thanks ! - I am very happy with this franken. That last one, blazed/sunny up was something else......

Gilded Angel - thanks!