Friday, March 19, 2010

♥ Nailene Samples ♥

Disclaimer #1 - Thank you nailene  - for sending me these lovely products to model !

Disclaimer #2 -  While I have a few OPI's & China Glazes, I am trying to steer my blog to focus more on products that are readily available for most people in North America.... Meaning, you can pick up Wet n' Wild, Sally Hansen, Claire's Icing, Nailene & Fing'rs Products at most department stores and pharmacies / Drug stores. 

I have yet to buy anything over the internet, ( and am *sorta* struggling not to) and on my blog I am hoping to showcase items that most people will have easy access to. I am thankful for those who take the time to swatch whole collections ( dang! That takes alot of time & effort ) and to other bloggers who put the effort into doing  their blogs & nail art. I could not have bought a book or a magazine that had all the information, techniques and ideas and pic's that people have posted on their blogs. So thank you bloggers for adding all this awesome information, pictures and opinions to the blog-sphere. It's a big deal!

( -I- have been lacking in the nail art department - but hope to rectify that SOON )

Once again, I am grateful Nailene has sent me some samples of their products! Above is the Nailene Skinny French Tip, unlike the regular wider flatter french tip pen, this has an almost pointy tip. I will be using this for my mani tonight.  Below is a close-up of the packaging, and the thinner 'skinny' french tip. I also received a few packages of the Nailene 'So Natural' 3X longer wear French Manicure false nails, which I have put to a rigorous test previously which you can read about HERE ( and you should! ) 

At the moment I am wearing my 'Trophy wife length' nails and they will not be coming off for a while..... when I applied them, I made sure that they would not come off for 2 weeks, and right now I am at 6 days...... BUT I am definitely looking forward to wearing the 'So Natural' 3X longer wear French Mani nails, and showing off all the cool nail stickers I have bought recently ( there's ALOT ). These four packages of 3X wear consist if 3 different tones of the nail bed 'buff' shade, as well as a subtle glitter on the package # 77359, which is very pretty and is very evident in most lighting.

I also received a sample of the brush on glue, which I have used before. However this one has a pink tint and I am looking forward to seeing how it compares with the clear brush on glue I have used in the past. 

The Acrylic Strong Top Coat I received is a new formula, I have already tried new shinier version this and it is indeed more shiny then the regular Acrylic strong Top Coat I use.I plan on using it for the entire month before I give my opinion.... however it appears to be the same as the regular T.C. I use = just shinier.

This is shiner then my regular T.C. -  Nailene Acrylic Strong.
I have used brush on glue in the past, these brush on glue has a pink tint to it. I am curious about the 'no air bubbles' though.....

These 3X Nailene 'So Natural' nails have a beautiful subtle glitter to them, when I get som e good sunshine I will get some outdoor picks to compare all four of these products


These are the darker color of the base shade of these Nailene So Natural nails


The 'medium' color of the 3 Nailene So Natural nails I received


The white tip area of these nails is bigger then the above nails , they are also a bit paler then the above nails Check out my extensive review HERE

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