Sunday, March 21, 2010

♥ Funky French blue/white ♥

This funky french was done with a base a lovely pale blue I made using Wet n' Wild 'Sapphire' and a pure white polish.  The tips are Nailene Skinny French Tip Pen in White, and I applied a line of blue glitter to my ring fingers, Pure Ice 'Strapless' and added cute butterfly nail stickers as well.

I usually would apply a final coat of Top Coat to this type of mani, I had hoped to get picks outside but that never happened, hence the sorta bumpy-ness of my blue base color. 

I have listed the instructions with photos below - but I want to mention that now I will always apply a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat  to the white tip area of my nails when using the Nailene French Tip Pen. I find that even though I don't get alot of 'bleeding' when use the french tip guides or other nail sticker guides, this helps to ensure I keep a crisp line, disguised any ridges and that the -water based- product will be sealed in forever, like those 2 dudes and the girl from superman 2.

So far this 'technique' is working out perfectly! I plan on doing pastel Funky French's for the rest of the week. It is just starting to feel like spring here..... and after all those green frankens ( which I will post shortly ) I am ready for some peppy lite colors for my nails♥

- products used -

Here is two coats of one of my Frankens I made with Wet n' Wild Sapphire and a bright pure white.The surface of my false nails are not in great shape. The polish remover I am using is marring the surface a little........
After letting my polish dry I apply 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat and let that dry. Before I add any nail stickers or french tip guides, I always wear the base polish i use for a little while. I have found that applying top coat to thoroughly dry my base polish helps in getting a crisp line while using french tip guides or the other sticker guides I  use.
I applied 2 'coats' of the nailene french tip pen with the skinny tip and let them dry between coats.. After removing the french tip guides, there is a slight ridge & so I applied Top Coat to the tips of my nails, over the ridge and a few mm past it onto the base color. this way I do not have any distinctive ridges when I apply my final top coat.
It was really hard to get a photo of the top coat area! But here you can see the where I have extended the top coat over the line.
I applied nail stickers and a line of pure Ice Strapless ( best blue glitter ever! ) and when that was all dry I would apply a final coat of Nailene Top Coat to my entire nail.

Ta-da! (pre top coat )


Stephanie said...

Love this! Your nails are so, so gorgeous. That blue color just screams spring to me. Lovely job :)

Liana said...

This mani is lovely!

Ice Queen said...

Pretty mani. Very bright and fresh. :D

I have a few Pure Ice glitters and I like them. Thanks to you, Strapless has just gone on my lemming list. :D

WizardsOfBling said...

That is so cute! LOVE!