Monday, March 15, 2010

♥ New Frankens ♥

above, 'Fir'(#5), 'un-named' (#2) & 'un-named' (#4)
below, 'Curtain's (#3), 'un-named' (#6) & 'un-named' (#1)

When I make frankens I like to do them in 'batches'. So for this collection, I have employed the lovely Nat Robbin's 'Greed' a vibrant shimmery grass green polish I found at an awesome dollar store in my town. This polish - 'Greed' is just a shade or two lighter then the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in 'Emerald City', but is very thin and runny.... so it's a perfect base for frankens.

I added enough 'Greed' to fill these cute little polish bottles half way, then added various old eyeshadow I had laying around, or body shimmer I picked up last summer.

With what was left in this bottle of Nat Robbin's 'Greed' I just added some Billie 'French White' to create a lovely perfect St.Patrick's Day green and named it after the lovely Lucy, who always has kind, thoughtful words to add to everyone's comments.

Below- franken "Lucky Lucy"

The line -up.... not swatch of the 'Lucky Lucy' polish above yet!

- Nat Robbin's - 'Greed' poured into a teeny cute bottle b/f/ frankening

My newest Batch of frankens, all made with Nat Robbin's 'Greed'

- "empty bottles" -


SailorWifey said...

Do you add a bead or ball when you do your frankens? I bought some empty bottles but haven't done any frankens yet b/c I forgot to get ball beariings.

♥ SailorWifey

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Ball bearings, or stainless stell balls are easy to find in the USA - they have them at walmart or camping or hunting stores..... It took me almost 4 months to round some up.