Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glitter comaprison

MIDDLE - Wn'W Kaleidoscope' INDEX - Claire's 'Hollywood'

OOPS!!! I meant to post this last week!
I don't have alot of glitter polish's, I kinda like to use loose glitters for my glittery mani's. But I have recently acquired these 2 silver glitter polish's  and wondered how they compared. I thought they would be similar but they are not.

There are two versions of Claire's Hollywood here is a bottle comparison pic below. They are both really really pretty, ( I don't have a comparison for these two yet......) Did anyone else pick up two same named Claire's polish's....I thought it was really strange


Today i am comparing these two below

The Wet n' Wild polish has alot less glitter then the Claire's polish and all glitter pieces are holographic, Wn'W also has square glitter, which i love. The Claire's glitter has fine silver glitter mixed in with the larger holographic glitter. I found that another Wn'W glitter I have 'Sparked' to have way  waaaaay more glitter pieces then this polish 'Kaleidoscope'.

Claire's Hollywood ( version 1 ) & Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

left - 1 coat of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope' - right 1 coat of Claire's 'Hollywood'

~ Below ~

INDEX- 2 coats of Claire's 'Hollywood'
MIDDLE- 2 coats of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope'
RING- 1 coat of Claire's 'Hollywood'
PINKY- 1 coat of Wn'W 'Kaleidoscope'

@ 1 coat each

Indoor fluorescent @ 1 coat each


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I also saw them both at the 10 for $10 sale, only picked one up :-) Can't explain why they did that

Anonymous said...

I realized when I got home that I picked up two different versions. I was in such a rush I didn't realize. Wish I had cause I happen to like one of them more than the other~

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Danica - weird that they would name them the same........

Halifax - I bought 2 each as back ups or for frankens.....

rasilla - My Claire is overflowing with the discount rack polish's. Its funny here in my town, for a while there was barley anything on those racks......