Thursday, March 18, 2010

♥ Covert Ops - NEW Wet n' Wild displays in Canada ♥

Above Zellers Dept stores canada

whew- I always feel funny when taking photos in stores. here are the new displays of Wet n' Wild products in my town. I am surprised that walmart Canada stores do not carry all the Wet n' Wild polish's...... ( last 3 pic's). Walmart do not have the Craze line of Wet n' Wild polish's, hmmmmmmm.

I took these last week and am just getting around to posting them sorry!

I like to see pic's like this from the USA ~ so I can plan my future shopping.....


Rhea said...

*drooooooooool* i just fainted! I've never seen so much nail polish at once!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

That's interesting. My Walmart has the new display (with everything) about 2 weeks ago. I normally think Walmart has better stock than Zellers, guess it's not the case for you :-)

Skulda said...

Did you take images from your camera phone? My hubby had his camera and was taking photos of nail polish and a scurity guard told him he wasn't allowed to take photos of the displays. I guess camera phones are less obvious.

I saw the lady setting up the new display at Zellers last week, and refused to let me look at the nail polish (LOL!). Gees... this is a store lady, not a museum. I'll go to Walmart next time, they have better prices, but YUCK! I hate going to Walmart. >.<

Tenns said...

I saw the new display about 2-3 weeks ago in my local Walgreen's(I live in the States). I was really surprised by it and all of the new products they are feautring now. Wet n' Wild is really stepping it up.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Rhea - These Wet n' Wild polishs are pretty decent for .99 USD cents or $1.57 in Canada.

Halifax - I was surprised that we even got the 'Craze' stuff - thats from summertime already....... I try to do as much shopping as I can at Canadian stores.

Skulda - no I got down, tidied it all up and then took photos - this is right beside the cash registers.... too!

A creepy & disturbing law is that photos are permitted anywhere that you would expect to not have privacy.

Most zellers stores are so messy, the make-up section at the one in my town is really, really messy. I placed an item in a specific spot almost 4 weeks ago and it was still there in wednesday!!!

Tenns - USA girls are soooooo lucky - Sinful Colors, Pure Ice & Petits! plus all those bogo's !!!!!

Angie | said...

zomg they are so IN STOCK!! jealousss

Jeannie said...

my walmart polish displays are always a barren wasteland!

also, I feel like a total dork taking pictures in stores.