Monday, March 21, 2011

Pro 10 Updo

2 coats layered over 2 coats of Naturistic's chrome in Solid Gold w/ 1 coat of TC

Just before I added Top Coat to this mani I scraped off a huge swathe across my middle nail, so I filled it in with polish  and applied a gold/silver shamrock to disguise. Oh nail stickers; you have saved the day so many times for me. 

this is the only Pro 10 polish I own, any others I have seen in the store are plain and boring, but this one looked pretty in the bottle. The base is somewhat milky, but barely deposits that colour on the nail. I love the small gold glitter, it is sparkly and bright. I need more gold glitter in my life.

This is one of those polish's that has a coarse texture to it, and needs alot of top coat to smooth it out for a glossy mirror finish. Here I have only used 1 coat of Top Coat, and probably wont add another as I plan on redoing my nails. This week I hope to focus on wearing ALL my Gold polish's that are untried/un-worn, so un-officially it is 'Gold-week' for me.

Here is a bottle of polish that has been sitting around for a year or so, I thought that it looked weird/cool how it had separated like this. This is an older bottle of LA Colors - I loved the brush on these.

My Base for this mani was Naturistic's chrome in Solid Gold, it is not what i would call gold, but a nice silver with subtle hints of golden tone lol - I should have taken a better pic but you can see the circular flaws from the ELF Glitter  I wore previously. I need a serious buffing.

and here is what I did to my nail, grrrrrr - I think I did a good job of disguising that!


Jaybird said...

I love the chrome! Awesome job as always.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I think you did perfect on fixing that fudge. :)
The old LA Color looks like something that should be in the science lab room. lol

Jenny and Kaylie said...

I think the clover is too cute! You did a great job of covering up the scrape! I hate when stuff like that happens. I get frustrated and just remove it all, ahahaha.

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

You did a very good job in disguising it,I woudln't have even noticed if you hadn't told us!!

paint that nail said...

Great color! Fantastic job disguising as well, I couldnt even tell you gashed it! :D