Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOLD Space Nails

1 coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme, then Claire's Goldmine sponged on in some areas, I tried to leave some bare spots, then 1 coat of a black/gold shimmer/glitter jelly franken I made using WnW B|lack Creme and the Claire's Goldmine and clear nail polish. I added a few random holographic hex glitter pieces, then topped it off with 2 coats of TC ( even though only 1 coat of TC is shown in the photos this mani is really shiny and so it is reflecting everything around it, I wish I matte-i-fied this for photos)

I was a little over-zealous with the sponging, so I cannot call these galaxy nails, more like outer space nails. Though my thumb does look like clusters of galaxies, rather and outer-space.

It has been difficult but hope to stick with the gold theme for the remainder of the week. I think this is the colour family I have the least polish's of. Whenever I have needed a gold polish, I always turn to Billie Gold or Claire's 14 Karats. Those are my 2 favirote gold polish's.  Up next for gold week is a full mani with Claire's Goldmine, the holographic gold polish I used in the mani.

the large hex glitter looks more holographic in this photo below

below - unshaken franken polish I made with clear, black and a few drops of Claire's Goldmine,  this looks good layered over other polish's

above, after it has been shaken up - those gold particles stay somewhat suspended in this black jelly base...... it's really pretty, I will add this to my must-swatch basket and add photos asap

..... and a few more photos

WnW black creme, Claire's Goldmine and my black jelly gold shimmer glitter franken

♥ a nice photo to show off the space effect ♥


Definitely Addicted said...

Ooo, that's pretty!

paint that nail said...

Very pretty mani I also cant wait to see the franken! :)

Jenny and Kaylie said...

Nice! I'm so jealous of all your polishes, ahaha.
I'm canadian too :):)

Betty said...

omg, I LOVE this! Everyone keeps pulling off these space nails so awesomely, I need to work up the guts to try it.

Silence is Loud said...

very pretty!! love your franken!

Jane said...

Pretty! And so unique!

Lucy said...

You do such wonderful combinations with your polishes. Also you make gorgeous frankens. Your just amazing.