Thursday, March 24, 2011

Claire's Goldmine & exciting new frankens!!!!!

above - Claire's Goldmine, 2 coats layered over Billie Gold metallic w/ 2 coats of TC

But first frankens!!!!!!!I found a few bottles of NYC East village on sale a few months ago. I knew I would  be whipping up some frankens with them eventually. I finally got around to it this evening. Before I knew it it was 10:45, my whole evening spent franken-ing! All my frankens turned out as I envisioned they would. I am so excited to wear them.

 NYC East Village5 coats w/ TC = This polish is pretty layered over other polish's and it did dry fast..

NYC East Village is a ridiculously sheer teal shimmer. HERE is a previous post I did on this polish The only polish's I used for these frankens below were NYC West Village, a Black creme, a White creme and a shimmery sparkly Icing polish. These were very simple to make. taking your time, adding drop by drop for deep pigmented colours and taking notes is they way to go when frankening.

I will be doing individual posts on these starting tomorrow. Sorry about just bottle pic's and small swatches.... I had to post this asap, because using this for frankens worked out excellent - plus the labels peeled off more easily than any polish label I have come across!

( I picked these up for 72 cents each last Autumn)

and my frankens, with the OG at the end

.... and a few more photos of Claire's Goldmine, 2 coats w/ 2 coats of TC


The Phalanges Friend said...

Oooh, I love that gold.
It looks so unbelievably luxe!

FOREVER '92 said...

Claire's Goldmine looks so amazingly gold -SO PRETTY!

oooohh love your fraken colors, I want to make my own nail polish color but I don't have an empty bottle

paint that nail said...

Super pretty gold, I really like the glitter!
Nice frankens I like all of them especially the light blues!

Amanda said...

OOOOO, I'm usually not that into gold, but Goldmine is awesome! It's an awesome glitter bomb!

Lucy said...

A row of beauties is all I can say! Goldmine is just chock full of glitter. Love it.

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea said...

I love Goldmine. How pretty!! Check out my blog! Feel free to add to your blogroll.

Haven said...

Nice post.thanks ............