Thursday, March 24, 2011

space nails franken, Cyber-bully ownage, new old stuff and lighting

2 coats of my black jelly/glitter/gold shimmer franken layered over ( L-R ) a beige/sand-ish shade, gold and black. NO Top Coat

This was my mani from yesterday I layered this franken over black & added more hex glitter

   The next time you read about someone writing something unkind/hurtful on the interwebz, think about this scenario on  XIAXUE's site  , imagine all the effort this dude went to - my goodness what the fudge.....- but good for her for investigating and sharing her experience.

....moving along

Here I have painted my nails with Billie Black, Billie Gold and Icing Sandy Beach, all 2 coats

and above with 2 coats of my franken - no TC
I think polish's like this look best over black

polish's I used to make this franken
WnW Black Creme, Claire's Goldmine and clear

Here is some old new stuff, or some new old stuff ~ I found these at a dollar store in my town. I already have several packages of the skulls in the center, but I have never seen the other two before.... $2 bucks each! (I am happy to find these types of deals but i have a teenie -tiny gripe about ti too! )

Before I forget about it, Beauties Factory has black full coverage artificial nails on their website, just for those that were asking............... not sure of the quality, but its nice to find them

and here is my new lighting situation...... these are both just plain lamps from the  thrift store with bright natural light light-bulbs from the grocery store. I was literally on my way to any department store to find/purchase a lamp with  a solid base and a bendy arm - I found that one for 4 bucks at the thrift store, and the other clip on lamp at another thrift store for 2 bucks = SCORE!!!!!


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I get a broken link on the site you reference, hon. :(

Score, indeed!!! You are happy and so is the wallet. :D Durn cute polishes too.

Lucy said...

Great find for you! Love your photos also. They're always so bright and clear. Love the frankens and all the manicure. Those Billie polishes are really something else.