Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Avon Jade and Olive Green camo mani

For this mani, I applied blobs of polish straight from the brush randomly over my nails and swirled then around with a dotting tool. When it was dry I applied a coat of ELF Twinkle Twinkle over my nails. Instead of a shiny finish I opted for a matte top coat, which I think suits this much better.

ELF Twinkle Twinkle has a weird chunky formula, and not in the good way -  it's like hair gel.....and it dries matte with alot of textured brush strokes and grainy-ness. It dries fast and has a pretty glitter finish, so those odd characteristics are forgivable.

Avon Jade and Avon Green Olive are the only 2 modern Avon polish's I have. They are fabulously opaque creme finish's and dependable 2 coaters. These are the American versions, the formula is awesome and they dry fast and VERY shiny.

w/ Claire's Matte Top Coat

Products used -  Avon Olive Green, Avon Jade and ELF Twinkle Twinkle.

Below; this close-up is not flattering..... you can really see the weird grainy/texturized finish of ELF Twinkle Twinkle.... I think that it needs a nice shiny top coat to mask that, other than that the glitter in it is very pretty, it's sparse enough that it can be layered over another polish without eclipsing whatever it is being layered over.

For my thumbs, I applied a thick-ish stripe of polish to each side of my nails, and dragged a dotting tool in between the colours. This is called 'Day to Night' Technique, ( that's what I call it now ) which I fist saw on You Tube by You Tuber May Paris. When it was dry  I applied Nailene TC to this, but I think that I was a little heavy-handed with the green as it took alot longer to dry and I got bubbles!

I have tried this a few times and I still have not perfected it, I sometimes have some bare spots -  these are visible towards the base of my nail.

Below' Avon Green Olive & Avon Jade ( USA Versions )



Jasmin said...

Oh you have like so nice blog, and so pretty nails and I just love it ! I live in Finland, so we don't have all the nail polish in here, but I just love reading this blog! Keep up going :)!

pkbmum said...

2 great beautiful greens. Love them on their own but good together as the camo too. x

Jessie :) said...

I loveeee green! It's a great army look! :)

Liane said...

I love this, especially the thumb nail.

Kirs said...

nice collors and nice mani!!

Kirs said...

nice collors and nice mani!!

Lucy said...

I haven't used Avon in a million years! Glad to hear the formula is better. The colors certainly are! Love the camo mani. Also the day to night is terrific.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

I love these newer Avon polishes. Your mani is awesome!