Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holding Hands on an Escalator franken

I used NYC East Village, With NYC West Village and a sparkly silver micro-glitter with blue iridescent flecks from Icing. So basically, this is my franken East/West Village  with some sparkly shimmer/micro-glitter thrown in. It is a little too sheer for me ~ here I have added 3 coats and there is still alot of bare spots. I find that the formula on NYC In a New Your Minute polish's do dry very fast. It's my favirote brand of department store polish!

I'm calling this one Holding Hands on an Escalator, because I don't want to get sued. I still have 4 more frankens to show from my 80's hair metal power ballads........... stay tuned!

Below is my Franken from the other day made with NYC East Village and a white creme. I named this one Is This Love, and I wore it for two whole days..... 3 coats without TC

I added the shimmery blue polish diagonally across my nail, at 3 coats there is still some bare areas and I should have added another coat. BUT -  I am lazy so I just added a coat of TC and called it a day.

Polish's I used for this franken East Village, West Village, and Icing Starry Eyes. Icing Starry eyes came in a mini 5 set from Icing by Claire's Stores. I have some photos of it floating round on my Picasa somewhere....

Gabrielle from The Edge of Sanity who thank goodness is posting again, has done some great swatches of these no-name icings HERE.

.... and a few more photos

With my Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator

With NYC East Village

With Billie French White


Anonymous said...

Pretty! :-)

paint that nail said...

Really cute! =)

Kayla101 said...

Really loving the blue mani! Looks super cute!!

I'm a fairly new nail blogger and would love to be placed on your blogroll! :D

Blanca1018♥ said...

This nails are soo pretty!

I love the combination of the colors



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Kimmie said...

You should've called it East Meets West. But great franken!

Lucy said...

I love your franken name! Gorgeous combination.

Amanda said...

I am sort of new to the world of frankens. I love this one. Pretty awesome design. I am into the whole edgy symmetrical nail art thing. This fits that bill!

Please add me to your blog roll!

Thank you so much for the wonderful art!

Flaunt It said...

Nice nails....they look great! The colours are just sooo pretty!
Come check out my blog...please follow!

Marie said...

That is really neat! I also like the diagonals...

Style It Girl said...

That is so cool! Your nails are so nice! Please follow my blog! I love your blog!

Style It Girl said...

That is so cool! Your nails are so nice! Please follow my blog! I love your blog!