Monday, March 7, 2011

another simple St. Patty's Day Mani

Here is a quick diagonal mani, using a franken and Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow. No TC. I have whipped up many frankens using Claire's Yellow Brick Road, a bright yellow polish with small slivers of shimmer, and Claire's Matte Cobalt. I love the finish and whatever it is that these slivers of chimmer are made of, looks really cool.

Matte Cobalt & Yellow Brick Road

a skittles of Cliche Green, Hulk 1 and Hulk2 Three frankens I made using the above polish's

Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow dries very, very shiny. I did not add top coat as I am still contemplating what type of embellishment to add to this.

I thought of adding the green micro beads along the line, just like I did for my mani yesterday.

Here is the package of micro beads from the DollarRama ( Canada ) they have 3 different sets.... some clear ones and other pastel colours. they did bleed into my Top Coat, so I will have to add them after TC -

I started with three coats of my base franken-polish

Then applied Nailene Straight French Tip Guides

applied 2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow

removed tip guides......


I keep forgetting about these nail gems..... these fog over is polish gets on them, so they also need to be set INTO wet polish,  even though they still look neat fogged over. They are plastic and not real crystal/rhinestone/glass or whatever they are supposed to be made of. I have an abundance of 3 different colours of green nail gems that I should be using.

...and one more


Greenfashionbox said...

love your ideas!!!
we can follow each other:)


Lucy said...

Love this manicure. It's really an easy one. I think those little gold beads would look great on the diagonal line.

Natalie said...

Very pretty design! I did something like this last night, for the first time! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Minty said...

Gorgeous colors together! And I love those micro beads.
What is the name of that brand? I'd love to hunt for them here in the states.

Kenzie said...

Those little beads look so cute! I will have to go and see if i can find some at a Dollarama near me!