Friday, March 25, 2011

East/ West Village Franken

NYC EAST Village and NYC WEST Village - a 50/50 ratio made this lovely franken. This is 4 thin coats, with my MIDDLE nail at 2 thick coats, which resulted in some bubbles. Wish I could get some sunshine pics of this = will do comparisons tomorrow.

Also - I think Blogger reset everyone's blog so that you have to verify you are human, and not a spam robot from the future. When I went to comment on blogs that did not previously have this the verify catchpa thing came up, including on my blog = = =booooo! those things annoying, but necessary to stop spam.

 NYC West Village & NYC East Village made this lovely franken 

 I am naming this polish 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' for the anonymous e-mailer who thinks I am a dude. I actually think that early 90's hair metal ballads will be the name of this collection of frankens (see my post from yesterday ). So i will have plenty of cool names. - its actually kinda hard to come up with names for my frankens - so 90's glam rock/hair metal it is! ( those are the same things, right? )

I will do comparison to other peacock-like colours tomorrow. This polish is just a straight up dark blue with teal shimmer, there is no purple or gold in here - it is very pretty and I actually wanted to purchase a polish just like this. it still needs 3 to 4 thin coats but dries FAST!!!!!

- the stickers come off very easy on these -

Here is the post on NYC EAST Village, it is a very sheer teal shimmer that needs 5 or more coats to opacity.

And HERE is the post on NYC WEST Village, which is a dark shimmery blue - it can be opaque in 2 coats and dries very fast - too fast, but I like my polish's like that!!!!!


Fiona said...

I used to have a bottle of East Village and your first franken is what I always wished it looked like! Personally I always hated that polish on its own because of the sheerness but your franken has made me want to find my bottle and mess around with it!

Oh and I've always had to do the captcha thing on all blogs...

Amanda said...

I really like your franken. It's a very nice shade of shimmer blue. East Village by itself is meh, and West Village is a very pretty dark blue shimmer. Together they make one pretty franken baby!

Kellyta said...

i love the NYC WEST village colour =D
very pretty!


Unknown said...

Your franken is so great!!

Lucy said...

West Village is my favorite! I love a deep midnight blue. Love your frankens. They really came out pretty.

GothamPolish said...

I love that the colors you mixed are called the East and West Village :)