Saturday, January 30, 2010

♥ Nat Robbins Nail Polish Goodies ♥

Woo Hoo - Bargain store goodies - These are apparently some long discontinued nail polish that may be coming to a discount store near you. Nat Robbins is a brand I had seen on eBay, like 2 yrs ago. I do not recall this brand in Canada at any time, Was it in the USA? I love this square bottle and found that these do not smell bad, and dry fast for a bargain brand. I found these polish at a local bargain store for $1.50 each. 

EDIT; I found these at "A Buck or Two" at the town Center in Brandon Manitoba. These types of dollar stores like "A buck or Two"  = are franchised stores and so they will purchase like 100,000 of a specific item and split them up between all their franchise-eees to send a case of whatever the item is to each store .  I saw these in a ' wants to swap list' from someone from British Columbia on Make-up Alley; and I am sure that they have "A buck or Two" dollar stores there as  well.  Do they have these types of store in Ontario? anyone know?

They must have just gotten a shipment in becuase there was like 40 of this pretty "Midnight Hour" Polish in the bin. I do not have Naturistic's "Crystal Blue Pearl" to compare this to, but form all the photos I have seen it's pretty close. Why is there so few polish's like this out there on the market?   I had found the Milani glitters released in fall-time, and the Claire's holiday LE jelly glitters way too overpriced for the quality and volume ( for the Claire's jelly-ish-glitters it was $ 18.50 CAD - Thats ridiculous!!!! )

The blue polish "Midnight Hour" is very, very, very close to Naturistic's Crystal Blue Pearl. It is a jellyish polish with the tinyest bits of silver. I think it needs 3 to 4 coats to look it's best. The green "Greed" is a lovely vibrant green with alot of shimmer. The brownish color "phantom" has a neat pinkish shimmer. Really un-expected in a chocolaty brown polish. On my Thumb & Pinky is Sally Hansen Insta Dri in "Teal Takeoff" I had to give this another try - I was really heavy handed and got some serious bubbles with this polish!

All three of these Nat Robbin's polish's were incredibly shiny on their own, but I added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong  to speed up drying time. I just finished putting on the T.C. and the sun went down! But- I got some outdoor photos finally - it is ridiculously cold out. Does anyone else remember seeing these polish's in the store before they were discontinued? apparently they had a whole line of cosmetics.


Outdoors 3 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat


@ 2 coats no T.C.  = pre clean-up

BOTTLE SHOTS indoors under florescent lighting 



Nat Robbins #111 Phantom


Nat Robbins #134 Midnight Hour 


Nat Robbins #136 Greed


3 coats outdoors with T.C.


3 coats outdoors with T.C.


@1 coat


@ 2 coats - pre clean-up = no  T.C. 


@ 3 coats with Top Coat 



Paige said...

Those are so pretty!

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

I LOVE the green!! The midnight blue with the stars is gorgeous, too.

PrincessDiana said...

Pretty colors! I've never heard of that brand..

Rebecca said...

Phantom is so unusual!

jaljen said...

Phantom is special! I love them all though. The bottles don't look cheap'n'nasty either. Woo hoo. Not that I'll ever find them in the UK. *closes wallet*

nihrida said...

Midnight Hour is soooooo gorgeous!

Shannon said...

I love these - what great colours! At which bargain store did you find these?

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Gilded Angel - Thanks! I really like all three of these.

♥ JustSomeNailsByMJ - Thanks, The green is really cool it is a true grass green, it should have been called "Grass" not "Greed".

♥ PrincessDiana - Thanks! I had seen these on eBay a few years ago and recently as a 'LOT' sale of like 500,000 on a cosmetics clearing website.

♥ jaljen - Thanks! You guys have some cool polish over there, too!

♥nihrida - Thanks! 'Midnight Hour' it is really pretty

♥ 小紅 - Thanks! I cannot figure out how to translate that but I am happy to see that many people have found my blog!

♥ Shannon - These were found at "A Buck or Two" (dollar store) in my town, Brandon Manitoba Canada.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the info on the Buck or Two stores. They do exist in Ontario. I have one not too far from me - I will be checking it out very soon!

cheap r4 ds said...

Love the colors! Shining dark blue is my favorite color. That would be such a fun color for winter!