Saturday, January 2, 2010

♥ 'M' Color Cosmetic #06 - Toronto Polish ♥

- 'M' Color Cosmetic's #06 -
2 coats & 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong T.C.
- applied over Fing'rs acrylic nails -

Wow- I was a little worried about these polish's I picked up in Toronto, but they have all turned out to be lovely.The pigmentation is normal  and I was surprised that I only needed 2 coats of this. The brush is fine, there is 16 ml in this bottle - but it seems so much smaller than an average bottle.. This was a 7 on the 'aroma' scale..... meaning~  out of a scale of 1 to 10 these are bearable but pretty smelly.

I loooooove this glowey blue, too bad it's -30 degrees outside because I think that I would benefit from some sunshine for these photos. I am not sure yet what type of nail art I will add to this, I can't stop gazing at my nails and may just leave them plain........

IRL this polish is this glowey, I wish I picked up one more of this blue, if it wasn't so stinky I would replace Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire' with this as my 2nd favirote blue. I will definitely do some skittles whenever I wrap up swatching & wearing all my vacation haul polish's.

-Most of my photos are indoors under fluroescent lighting-



kelsealaurel said...

Beautiful color! I love the nail shape you have right now... It's my favorite =)

Paige said...

Wow; that is a stunning blue!

Lucy said...

That really is a beautiful polish. The glowing blue is so pretty on you. I had a jar of nail polish remover that stunk so bad that I finally had to toss it. It really took your breath away.

nihrida said...

Why are you doing this to me? Showing all the gorgeous colors I can't get in EU. *pouts*
It looks great on you!

Sara said...

i like that!!! so beautiful.....:D

Anna said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you for an award on my blog! Check it out:

adorepink said...

Wow. This blue is drop dead gorgeous! I love your taste in blues. I bought skin tight denim because of you! :-)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ kelsealaurel - Thanks! I loooove this nail shape too! These are from an older line of Fing'rs false nails that I used to use along time ago... I found quite a few packages in summer time, so I am goin gto be using these for the next little while.

♥ GildedAngel - Thanks! I think this is stunning too!

♥ Lucy - Thnaks! - I love this color - I know what you mean bout products that take your breath away!

♥ Nihrida -Thanks! I had to travel to far off lands to find this beautiful polish....... I wish some enterprising person would make affordable and awesome polish's with coooool colors for all girls all over the worlds... ( like .99 cent awesome )

♥ Sara - Thanks! It's a pretty one .

♥ Anne - Thanks for tagging me!

♥ adorepink - Thanks! Skin Tight denim is my absolute favirote polish.... I cannot believe I passed it up when it was available in Canada.