Wednesday, January 27, 2010

♥ Franken "Teal #002" with "Teal #003"

 I'm cheating on you Nail Blogs..... with decorating & craft blogs! I am delighted to say that there are alot of decorating and crafty blogs out there that I have found! SO I have been spending alot of my internet time  perusing these blogs....... But I do have a nice post of these awesome teal frankens I made... no outdoor photos though, it is ridiculously cold outside.

Here is the darker of the three newest Teal Frankens I made. I had hoped that the pink/blurple shimmer would disappear when mixing up these frankens, but it actually looks pretty cool to me now. Without top coat, these frankens have a nice satin finish- but I think a top coat helps to bring out that pretty shimmer in the darker franken #002. I have already posted my franken #003 previously HERE,

My camera was having a hard time focusing, so a few of these photos are not as macro-ish as they should be. I want to take moment to write how much I love my camera and am thankful I have it. It takes great photos and has been a great source of fun and enjoyment for me. I ♥ U Camera.

 NO T.C.

With T.C.

 NO t.c.

  With T.C.

With T.C.

With T.C.

 NO T.C.

 With T.C.

 1st Coat

 3 coats ( RING finger 2 coats )

With T.C.


Paige said...

Those are beautiful frankens!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I love all your frankens I've seen so far.

Craft blogs? oooo I must have a look for some of those

MightyLambchop said...

Those are fantastic. I love a good teal!

Michèle said...

I love these.
You're really good at making wonderful Frankens :-)

Charis said...

simply beautiful!

Niki* said...

so pretty!!!

may said...

what do you use to clean your nails with? they seem so perfect painted!