Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nail Polish Challenge... yes I am still working on this.

= Frankens =

So - since I have run out of 'space' to post photos without paying for it, for now I think I should clear out my "to post" posts. I seriously have 14 posts - waiting to be posted that have just been sitting around for like 3 months....

WOW - This Billie 'French White' did something totally un-expected when I mixed it with Wet 'n' Wild Blue Sapphire' = It hid all the shimmer from 'Blue Sapphire'! I could only spot it very faintly in the bottle and in strong sunshine on my nails. So this was a pleasant surprise, I was not expecting lite blue cremes, I was hoping for shimmery lite blues. I'm not complaining = these turned out lovely♥

I also tried to franken a jelly or a more sheer version of  Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire'  by mixing half 'Blue Sapphire & half clear nail polish, but it is still way, waaaay too opaque. I am starting to appreciate sheer & jelly-ish finishes more, and need something to compliment all my glitter creations I come up with. I am going to mess around with this sheer version of 'Blue Sapphire' I need another bottle of this though, I am in love with this color!

* Wet n' Wild Franken polish are turning out to be awesome! plus there $.99 cents in the USA & $1.59 in Canada! Has any Canadians come across the new Wn'W polish's yet? =  = off to MUA for answers.....
 Here is the links to the other 4 posts in my "Deez Nailz Nail Polish Challenge" where i am trying to come up with as any looks as I can with just 2 colors of polish's and regular everyday items from around the house, like mailing labels, sponges for sponging, can opener, cement mixer, light-bulbs and glitter.

Far Left - 1/2 Clear & 1/2 Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire'
Middle -  3/4 Billie 'French White' & 1/4 Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire'
Right - 1/2 Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire' & 1/2 Billie 'French White'

THUMB - 2 coats of white & two coats of franken 1/2 clear & 1/2 'Blue Sapphire'
INDEX - 2 coats of Billie 'French White'
MIDDLE - 2 coats of  3/4 White & 1/4 Blue Sapphire''
RING - 2 coats of 1/2 White & 1/2 'Blue Sapphire'
PINKY - 2 coats of Wet n' Wild 'Blue Sapphire'


 = comparison to the 'sheer sapphire' (thumb) polish I made to origional (pinky) =



Unknown said...

oh no, I'm so sad you've run out of space!! I am terrified of that happening... soon probably :( ugh.

btw, I have like 12 posts waiting to be published too... and I keep pushing back to 'publish on' dates! lol.

I LOVE the medium blues!!

Paige said...

That is so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to let you know that if you want any of the new Wet 'n Wilds, I could probably send you some. If you want me to send them, email me at artisticaltruist at gmail dot com. There's this one new Wild Shine shade called Blue Moon that I just got that I really want to use to make frankens.

Niki* said...

these are beautiful! I love your frankens!!

Lucy said...

I love all of your frankens. Such pretty shades of blue. I'm saving my old polish bottles. So far the only thing I've used up are base & topcoats. I did buy 5 empty bottles. I have to try my hand at this sometime.