Monday, February 8, 2010

♥ WTF Toronto polish & The 'Trophy wife nails I use ♥


So I really, really love the darkest blue polish that I picked up in Toronto, Ontario- but it stained my nails terribly ( my false nails ). Also, I found that it is a foil polish, as when I was removing it there was a sheet of silver polish left on my nails that required some serious elbow grease and acetone! I didn't even get it all off.

The photo's below are after polish remover- and a close up shot of my thumb nail. Pictured above as well as the last photo are the 'Trophy Wife' length nails I am wearing at the moment. I loooooooove these false nails and I am stocked up for a few more months.

Anyhoo- I did some serious prep before applying these false nails, and will be 'stuck' ( ha-ha ) with them for a week or two. I will be sure to apply a base-coat the next time I try any more weird obscure brands of polish.


- Trophy-Wife length nails.... I ♥ these


ainos2 said...

Whoa...that's some serious staining, and on fakies none the less! Can you imagine what that polish would do to my acrylics- or to natural nails?

Paige said...

Oh wow! That staining is horrendous!

Niki* said...

Ahahah where in TO did you get this polish? That's some serious staining. It's almost as if you're still wearing polish.

I recently did some TO nail art! check it out on my blog if you get a chance :)

Lucy said...

That's an amazing stain! Always wear a basecoat. I sort of like the look of the stain.