Monday, February 15, 2010

♥ New goodies lately ♥


Rock Solid Pink Sapphire ( ends) Sparkling Diamond  (middle)

So they are discontinuing these polish's out of the Wet n Wild Line-up. Had I known how pretty they were I would have picked them up when they first came out. They had several unique and beautiful colors. Had I only seen photos swatched before......

Rock Solid Pink Sapphire
 I found these at a dollar store in my town..... I'll have to do a comparison with my current Nailene T.C.


Paige said...

Great find!

Nicole said...

Yes, and if you see any more, you better snag them! That's what I've been doing too. They're getting HTF now.

Lucy said...

Like the tops. Always love a bit of sparkle.