Thursday, February 11, 2010

♥ Billie 'Midnight Smoke' layered over black ♥

Billie 'Midnight Smoke' 1 coat layered over 2 coats of Black
INDEX nail is 3 coats of 'Midnight smoke'

Grrrr..... Grrrrr.... & more Grrrrrr with the real 'F' word thrown in. My computer is 'F-d' and so i cannot add red valentines themed mani's for actual Valentines day! Dang - I am working on a solution until then..... more backed up posts! Enjoy

♥ also; Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Here is a Billie polish I was hoping to find ' Midnight Smoke' a neat silver-grey polish with flecks of... of... flecks. Both of these polish were from my Ontario vacation haul. I think the effect of this polish 'Midnight Smoke' over black looks really cool and is somewhat similar to another polish I have seen recently.

I found that if I added several drops of a foil polish to a clear polish I would get this effect. That is a group of Franken polish's I have in the works. =  Can someone else try it & report back♥


Billie 'Midnight Smoke' 1 coat layered over 2 coats of Black









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Lucy said...

Love all of those Billie polishes. Do you know how many they make? They are gorgeous.