Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skull & Crossbones, Fing'rs Nails

Fing'rs Edge black nails with crossbones. Is it supposed to be a pirate or is it just a regular skull and crossbones? Either way this specific design has been available at Walmart for a few years now - but for the life of me I cannot recall if I saw them the last time I was @ Walmart.

Anyhoo - I have had these in my stash for a while, Instead of the regular artificial nails I usually wear I had a hankering for something different for my nails and chose these. I had some fun around the house projects this weekend and did not want to have to deal with chipped Mani's or having to redo my nails. After all the stuff I did = these were perfectly, shiny no dings or bends in the nail, the only problem was that a few rhinestones fell off.

 watch out Bob Vila

.... I think this looks bad@ass like this, with the rhinestone missing and an acetone mishap

 I don't recommend using any type of nail polish remover on pre-painted artificial nails - especially ones that are extremely shiny like the ones I am wearing above.  I was pretty rough on my nails and they stayed shiny, the image was perfect all weekend but a few rhinestones popped off. I tried to remove the skull and crossbones with polish remover & acetone without success, so I filed off the image and tried out some nail art.... I think I should have just left them alone and maybe added a replacement rhinestone -  lol

For Science, here is a a nail art attempt ...... lol. I used LA Colors Stripe polish to make 'spotlights' added a little glitter and some dots....



Stephanie said...

I love the skulls and rhinestones!

Shannara said...

Me too, looks great

The Preppy Student said...

I love the skulls. it looks fantastic! you did a great job

Unknown said...

the skulls with the rhinestones are so cool!

Carol said...

I love the skull!

euzefelus_27 said...

love the skull!

Diana said...

The skull might be my favorite nail design ever. LOVE IT! I also love love your blog, but I don't have time to blog hunt online hardly ever, but there's a really awesome app " bloglovin' " that will put all your new posts right to smartphones. Will you please consider joining it so I can keep up with you? !
Thanks for being awesome! -d