Thursday, July 12, 2012

S.M.A.R.S. DIY nail stickers

While the colour combo on this feels wrong, the pattern turned out exactly as I had hoped it would.  This mani is from around christmas time, but it is worthy of a post as I get alot of hits to my blog from people searching 'make your own nail stickers' or 'make your own nail decals'.

I wanted to see how clear nail polish and a dolour polish would work to make my own nail sticker. 

I cut up a plastic zip-lock bag and used a marker to create a template the width of my nail. I applied a generous amount of  clear polish, then a red shimmery polish and used a rounded dotting tool to swirl the polish around on the plastic. I let it dry overnight then stored it in another zip lock bag. When I was ready to do my nails I gently lifted the dry nail sheet off the plastic and snipped off a small section, applied it to tacky-ish base polish, gently pressed it onto my nails and sealed it with TC. Alot of the wrinkles dissappeared after TC.

also;  I have alot of this left over. I wanted to ensure I had enough to do all 10 nails, with extra in case I messed it up.

My base polish is Icing Sandy Beach, followed by a pretty peach based gold shimmer found at The Dollar Tree USA. While my polish was still tacky - but not totally wet - I cut out a piece and placed the dry nail sheet on my nails and trimmed the excess, gently pressed it in and added TC.

This was the base of this mani

tada ( I added a few strokes of a shimmery kiss nail art stripe poilish )


Esmaltha said...

It's so cool!!
But I have no patience for such haha! :)

Tha -

alison*elle said...

This is such a cool idea... when I have some time I totally want to try it myself. Your turned out really nice!

xo, alison*elle

Anonymous said...

This was a genius idea. I might have to try this!

Manases Andrea said...

Wow, what an ingenious idea, and it looks amazing!