Monday, July 23, 2012

speedy cheetah print

for this mani I used 3 coats of Billie Cosmetics Purple Rain and created the cheetah print with a dotting tool and Billie Cosmetics Mauve ( lol ). These are my natural nubbon-ized nailz - I will be in the garden as much as I can this week as well as finishing up some fun paper mache projects and don't want to worry about bending or breaking nails.

These two colours are very girly and go well together - I wore this mani for the weekend.

Also; for those of you asking about this brand of polish - they can sometimes be found at the dollar Tree in Canada and various other dollar stores.... I know that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR STORE IN TORONTO AND BURLINGTON, ONTARIO had racks and racks of these in the winter of 2009 and 2010. 

Billie Cosmetics Purple Rain and Billie Cosmetics Mauve

.................a chippy mani

................ I found one of those big diamond paperweights at the DollarRama Canada and could not resist buying it.


Mel, Glassflecked. said...

gorgeous!! i love that color combo so much

Laurie said...

Love it! What a fun mani!!

Carol said...

Beautiful color combo :)

Manases Andrea said...

Nice polishes, they are a perfect match for each other :)

Unknown said...

I am loving these colors together!! Beautiful!!

nailXchange said...

You know you're one of the reasons I tried Billie Cosmetic polishes. I just posted about you and a couple of their brand. Have you tried their metallic ones yet? They're pretty awesome.

Aleksandra said...

Ok... I'm getting frustrated because every time I go to any Dollar Tree they're sold out of all the some for me!!! lol I know you said you usually go to the Regent one but Ellice is where I've ever managed to find more variety. Are there other Dollar Trees besides these two?