Monday, July 16, 2012

Smells sorta like

.........when your swimming in a pool on an extra humid day and your in and out of the pool several times and dry yourself off with a towel  and that towel stays damp and the chlorine smell doesnt dissipate like it would on a normal day....... then you put that towel in a duffle bag and leave it in your car overnight........Thats what this polish from CR smells like.

But - it is a pretty polish. It has short holographic bar glitter and small round holographic glitter.... It's gel like consistancy makes spreading the glitter around for a good glitter to base-color ratio hard to acheive.

I slapped a coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme over the black artificial nails I posted yeasterday, then added 2 coats of 'CR' holo bar glitter and a coat of TC....... and of course there is no sunlight to really show off the



Anonymous said...

lol loved the description of the polish xD

Not Everyones Mama said...

LOL I have a polish that stinks so bad but I love the color so much that I keep it. Love that glitter though!

Lindsey R said...

Your description made me lol for real... and I'm at work and now look like a crazy person, thanks!:P

Manases Andrea said...

Love the description! Looks good on you nails! said...

Sometimes it's all about the description. And you nailed it, that's a pun. Anyways nicely done