Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 I don't walk around with a mirror - so I will spend my time and money to have beautifully painted nails that I can look at anytime I want   - Deez-Nailz 2009

I 've been away and am late to the party on the Sinful Colors pamphlet Debacle. One thing I am pleased about in regards to the Sinful Colors Pamphlet Debacle is that more and more people are exposed to the photoshopping of beauty images in product ads and how it is F'ing rediculous. It is furiating that the computer generated photo's that are digital manipulated to be almost cartoon like, are used as a vehicle to sell us a product that cannot acheive the same results as the model image. Thankfully people are moving towards eradicating this sorta thing in some advertising.

You cannot apply a mascara, and attain the results of a model who is CLEARLY WEARING FALSE EYE-LASHES. You cannot use a toothepick to 'swirl your polish on' and create a pattern that repeats itself to within 1/100th of an inch on all 10 nails. So why are companies allowed to use images to sell their products and claim those results? These are two examples of many, of a problem I have always had a major beef with.

The incidence of the croppin' and shoppin' should be an eye-opener for everyone in regards to any photos that end up online. Even though they were clearly watermarked - it shows how easy it is to 'lift' a photo, edit/photo-shop/crop, then reprint it and carelessly pass it off as their own.

Another thing I would like to note, I get all my info from beauty bloggers, I very rarely pick up a magazine or watch any type of T.V. to aquire information about up and coming products or application techniques. And it is because of the skeezy practices of PR companies, paid magizine space ( not ads - but when a magizine actually tells you to what product to use for a specific problem etc.) and pixar like T.V. commercials that I avoid them. I am never going to look to a beauty company for opinions or experience with their product. I want real experience, and real opinions from real people.

All the money I have been saving by avoiding buying magazines gets funneled directly to purchasing nail polish/ makeup that I have seen modeled on all the awesome nail blogs out there. Thats something to think about.

 I am extremely greatful that there are so many people sharing their ideas, opinions and photos on blogs, tumblrs, youtube and pinterest. I have nail art inspiration to last a lifetime, and honest opinions on products to purchase to acheive those ideas.

...... and.... end rant - sorry for the wall of text but I had to get that in writing


Alright- back to the manis!  I picked up one of the new Wet n Wild Megalast polish's. I was extremely pleased with the formula on What a Trip. I have an older MegaLast polish and was worried that Wn'W would meddle around with the formula -  but it applied just fine and dried perfectly. I was totall shocked at the ease of application with the wide 'pro' brush. Normally my application with those wider brushes is not that great but I think I did a pretty decent job with this. I am defitily going to purchase more of these, specifically Disturbia which I already have but in the older bottle/brush style

This colour is soooooooooo pretty! Below on the left is 1 coat, on the right is 2 coats. My application was great considering this is one of those 'pro - wide' brushes

indoor flo




Lovely Addison said...

I've been seeing this polish get more love it should! I've had for a few months now and love it. Not only is it gorgeous and cheap but application is a dream. :)

Unknown said...

Well said!

Laurie said...

I love this polish! I recently purchased it and WNW "Through the Grapevine" and they look so cool when sponged over one another!

Nailmattic said...

BRAVO, BRAVO, well said, I've been saying to people y'all go ahead and be fooled that in those commercials that the model ISN'T wearing fake lashes!! You can apply that mascara all day, they're in it to make $$!!

Claire @ nuthinbutanailthing said...

Well said lady! *claps*

Mascara adverts particularly infuriate me. Especially now they put in teeeeny tinnnnny writing at the bottom on TV adverts that "model has "some" extensions" SOME?! Full on fake and probably not even wearing the mascara they are advertised, then photoshopped into oblivion.

Try It With Carmella said...

loovvving this color and really love the pic with the matching flower!

1xellus1 said...

Thank you for your soapbox comments. I wouldn't say I was the best swatcher of NP. LOL but I do love to share my current mani w/ my readers. It is disappointing that a major corporation would have this unscrupulous/dishonest activity going on. I respect that they have put in place some measures to prevent such things from happening in the future. No doubt due to the backlash from the blogging community & the prospect of a boycott. I am also disappointed because 1/3rd of my over 200 polishes are Sinful Colors/Revlon. With such an affordable pricepoint and a wide range of colors, it found a happy home in my collection. As a blogger, I take quite a bit of time to create posts. The fact that someone else could steal intellectual property without giving credit & then misrepresent it as their own, even if their products are not being used is unconscionable. Thanks for swatching the wnw. Lovely color!