Friday, July 13, 2012

Sinful Colors - Excellence in layering pt. 1

I loooooooove the glitter and flecks of Gold in Sinful Colors All About you. Here I have layered it over Sinful Colors Nirvana and Wet n Wild The Gold and The Beautiful.

Polishes I used 

Sinful Colors Nirvana, an easy to apply Mushroom Taupe. This was 2 coats with a third light touch up coat.

 I added 1 coat of Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful

 and finally Sinful Colors All About You

These beautiful Tiger lilys are in a neighbors garden are a striking technicolor orange - I snapped a whole bunch of photos of this plant. My mani below is Sinful Colors Rich in Heart, followed by Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Ruby Emerald and a coat of ColorRama in Frosty Pink

I like how in this photo the 'firey Embers' of frosty pink really show up

2 coats of Sinful Colors Rich in Heart 

Sinful Colors Rich in Heart with Sally Hansen Rudy Emerald

...... and a coat of ColorRama Frosty Pink

 stuff i used  Sinful Colors Rich in Heart, Sally Hansen Ruby Emerald and ColorRama Frosty Pink


Try It With Carmella said...

oooo very rich colors

cathryn said...

nirvana is one of my favorites, looks great on you!

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Such a beautiful combo!

Diana said...