Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Franken polish series made with NYC East Village RE-Cap


Thumb- Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator
Index- China Glaze Sexy in the City
middle- East/West Village Franken
ring- Icing Dark & Stormy
pinky- Icing Roger That

indoor fluorescent

Above is a quick comparison of some similar colours and two of my favorite frankens from this batch that I made with NYC East Village....

All that I used to make these 8 frankens was, NYC east Village, a shimmery lite blue silver micro-glitter polish, and black and white. I always take my time and add polish in small amounts. (The 8th polish is missing from the re-cap as I have not worn it alone yet.)

I picked NYC East Village, which is a shimmery sheer teal polish for this franken series  BECAUSE ALMOST EVERY POLISH COMPANY HAS A SHEER SHIMMERY TEAL POLISH JUST LIKE THIS. In face I am certain that I did a post comparing this very same polish with 6 other brands and the results were that they were dupes.

this was 5 coats and it is still a little too sheer for me

While mixing East Village with West Village created a salivating deep teal polish, just adding black or white or black and white ( Grey lol ) to NYC East Village made some seriously beautiful polish. I am happy with all 8 that I whipped up and have already started on another franken polish series which I will start posts on tomorrow.

Also - I am positive with a little more tweaking, and possibly a few drops of Sally Hansen X-treme wear Emerald City I could totally dupe Icing Dark & Stormy. So if you missed out on China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic, or Joe Fresh Peacock, or Icing Dark & Stormy, mosey on down to a dept store and pick up these two in-expensive polish's and start mixing..... I seriously did not want to take my East/west Village Franken off and wore it for alot longer than my usual mani's.

If you have used East Village to make any franken
polish I would love to hear about it!

l-r - Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator, China Glaze Sexy in The City, Franken East/West Village, Icing Dark & Stormy, Icing Roger That.

L-R - East/West franken / Icing Dark and Stormy
                  sun                                                                   indoor florescent

east/west village franken
Made with NYC East Village and NYC West Village

made with NYC East Village and lite blue shimmery micro glitter polish

Made with NYC East Village, SH White dove & Sally Hansen Balance Frost
shown layered over a light Grey creme

Made with NYC East Village, white and black creme polish

made with NYC East Village and white

made with NYC East Village, NYC West Village and lite blue shimmery micro glitter polish

made with NYC East Village and white

franken polish made with NYC East Village


Aenaria said...

Thank you for running this series! I've had a bottle of East Village sitting in my stash for years (before my nail polish addiction became bad, even!) with no idea how to salvage it until now. You've given me lots of interesting ideas to play with. :)

Unknown said...

That's an awesome graduation of colour!

JQ said...

Delicious! I especially dig Laughing Through My Tears over the grey. over anything I'll bet it's pretty.
Thanks for showing these!

Lucy said...

I have a few empty bottles so I can start mixing up some polish. Then I look at my stash with so many untrieds. I'll just gaze upon your beauties.

Fiona said...

I really like Is This Love and Laughing Through My Tears... I'm on a pastel kick lately... the others are supa pretty too... hell, I love them ALL!!