Tuesday, April 19, 2011

another pretty sponge mani

This was 3 coats of NYC Prince Street, followed by NYC Chelsea sponged on, then a coat of Maybelline ColorRama #40 Frosty Pink. I wanted the two polish colours to be distinguished on the nail, and it turned out just the way I hoped. 

The ColorRama Top Coat was a last minute addition. This is supposed to be the same shimmery particles that are in Clarin's 230 or Unicorn Pee as it's referred to on MUA. The particles in  ColorRama #40 Frosty Pink have a unique property in that they look like glowing embers floating off of a burning fire.

I picked up this ColorRama polish at the Dollar Tree USA in my great USA haul of 2010.

NYC Prince Street, NYC Chelsea, Maybelline ColorRama #40 Frosty Pink

Below is NYC in a New York Color minute quick dry polish in Prince Street. this was 3 coats.I would say this need 4 thin coats to opacity - it does dry fast! Hopefully for my next franken collection I will be using this polish, I have already used NYC polish's for some fabulous frankens and  I know I could whip up some stunners with this polish by just adding black, white and a few other shimmers I have kicking around to make some lovely polish's.

NYC Prince Street - 3 thin coats No Top Coat

.... also F-yeah! I found 2 more of these discontinued artificial nails at a dollar store in my town!

I like how they say 'career length' and I call them trophy wife length lol! in photos where my nails are on the long side, this is what I am wearing. Lately I have been using Nailene shorter length square artifical nails..... Typing with long nails like the ones above is not fun........


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog, and especially your nail art. I think this is my first comment here. I am a blogger (about 70% nail stuff), so if you like, visit my little blog, Thanks for your great photos and reviews!

Toyomi said...

I love this manicure soo much. It's so simple but wearable.

nikole said...

gah! i've been searching the world for just one bottle of frosty pink - i neeeeed it! so lovely.

Lucy said...

So pretty! Wish my nails could look as good as the fake ones! My nails are growing so slowly.

Minty said...

That is a STUNNING manicure!

Unknown said...

Beautiful mani! I love these colours together :)