Friday, April 22, 2011

Claire's Venomous, Poison Apple, Evil Queen

These 3 polish's from Claire's are supposed to be knock-off's of Mac's Venomous Villains collection, they have also been compared to some of the Orly Cosmic FX polish's. They are not as pretty as I thought they would be ~ I'm not complaining ~ I think all three are beautiful, but it is "the curse of me buying Claire's Polish's at full price" I usually wait for them to go on sale, but when I saw Poison apple and Venomous I bought them right away because I figured they would sell out fast   and right now there is a stack on the bargain rack at the Claire's store - this has happened like, 3 times!

This post is a few ways that I wore these 3 polish's. I though I should round all these mani's up and add them in one super post.

I thought the flecks would have alot more oomph, however every time I wore these 3 polish's, there was NO SUN!!!!! all 5 times!!!!! there was a window of 3 hours of sunshine when I wore Venomous the second time in a sponge mani (below)

This is 2 coats of an older Sally Hansen Color Fast polish Mocha Ice Frost, I first applied Claire's Venomous like a french manicure, then when it dried a little I sponged some more Venomous  to blend with my base polish. Claire's Venomous is a sheer green jelly base with flecks that shift from gold to a pretty purple/lilac/pink.

Some tiny pieces of the sponge broke off and are embedded into my polish. Next time I will cut the sponge I use apart - not rip it,

the colour shift in this polish is a pretty gold, to a muted pink/purple. The base is a swamp green jelly

normally ` the gif's I make are much more crisp and clear, don't know why it's so fuzzy
Make gif

these photos are taken at a slightly different distance from the light source - a 1 inch difference

romantic lamp lighting

from a previous post; my ring nail is 3 or 4 coats of Claire's Venomous, while the rest of my nails are 3 coats layered over a dark blue polish

Here is a photo of Claire's Poison Apple. I haven't re-worn this but have it in my ' to wear' basket. The Polish-aholic did a lovely comparison of this and Mac's Bad Fairy.

Claire's Evil Queen

below is 3 coats of Rimmel Glam Goth, part of a limited edition of products that I found at the grocery store last winter. I am NOT A FAN OF LIMITED EDITION STUFF, so normally I woudn't purchase a polish that looks like a plain dark purple polish. BUT = this has the tinyest hot pink and sapphire blue micro-shimmer in it that is very unique, suspended in a black jelly base.

I layered 1 coat of Claire's Evil Queen, which has the same base shade as this Rimmel polish. Claire's Evil Queen is a dark purple jelly base with flecks of teal-ish ....flecks

This is 1 coat of Claire's Evil Queen Layered over Rimmel Glam Goth

...and finally, this is 2 coats of Evil Queen ( again ), layered over Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Grey Area. My ring nails are 2 coats of Grey area and a coat of Pure Ice Oh Baby. I looooove Pure Ice Oh Baby, and there really is no relevance for me to layer Pure Ice Oh Baby over Grey Area to compare it to Evil Queen, I just happened to be wearing the X-treme Wear polish w/ Oh Baby Layered over it  when I bought Evil Queen and wanted to wear it right away.

I though for sure that the flecks in Pure Ice Oh Baby were the same in Claire's Evil Queen, but the Pure Ice flecks seem to have alot more oomph to them -  they are more noticeable and sparkly


FOREVER '92 said...

Great collection, Poison Apple is the one I'm eying thank you for posting these swatches ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice swatches, love Evil Queen.

The Preppy Student said...

I want these *heading to claires right now*

Fiona said...

I want all of these! Great pictures of them, thanks!!

Lucy said...

Love these polishes! I never go to Claire's. I wish you could buy these online.