Friday, April 1, 2011

Against All Odds Franken

Franken 'Against All Odds' 4 coats - no TC

Okay, it's not an 80's hair metal song, but Phil Collin's had alot of awesome hits in the 80's, and this is a wicked I ran out of ideas for franken names and ended up watching dozens of Phil Collin's videos on You Tube.

I made this franken with NYC East Village, and Icing Starry Eyes which is a silver micro-glitter in a sheer lite blue base with blue iridescent flecks scattered throughout. ( Starry Eyes is discontinued  - it was very plain on it's own)

I am not sure if I should call the silver glitter in this polish fine glitter or micro-glitter..... it is very small but still obviously glitter.

The base colour did not change much for this franken. It was still very sheer, I may add some white creme polish to this in the future, but for now I am happy with how this turned out as well. I have 2 more frankens to share which were made with NYC East Village. So far they have all worked out perfectly.


fuzzy indoor fluorescent pic




Unknown said...

I swear every colour you've frankened this week has been my favourite!

imobsessedwithnails said...

This is pretty... but what the heck is franken??? Are you mixing colors together??

If so, when you mix them are you waiting until you only have half of each bottle left or are you pouring them into a new empty bottle? Sorry, so many questions!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

A darling franken. :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty blue. I like the nice shimmer in these.


Hello Deez-nailz . Super blog .

Anonymous said...

Such a nice blue!

Marie said...

Really nice color!

Jenny and Kaylie said...

awesome colour!
p.s - i love your nail shape. jealous!

Mom of Two said...

That color is really cute!