Sunday, April 3, 2011

Franken and Plug Youself Sunday

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, with franken 'Laughing Through my Tears' layered over - NO Top Coat. I made this sheer franken with NYC East Village Sally Hansen White Dove and Sally Hansen Balance Frost I added some clear polish to that mix as well.

White Dove is a milky irridescent that leans on the teal side but flashes to a medium/deep purple. It is a weird consistency in that is translucent but also applies very streaky. I had hoped by watering it down with some clear polish, then adding the sheer NYC east village, and another milky purple iridescent polish I could make this a much more manageable polish and kick up the irridescent flash.

So this is  work in progress and I will have to add much more clear to SH White Dove to get it to the consistency and translucency that I want. When the Beyond Perfect polish's were available in stores I never bought any. I think they were quite pricey compared to other Sally Hansen polish's at the time. I did find an assortment on eBay last night ( oh my - ebay - you time sucker you ) and there are 2 or 3 Sally Hansen  Beyond Perfect that have a iridescent/duo-chrome or strong flash like White Dove. I'll have to hit up those dollar stores in my town for another one of these - hope they have some left.

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2 coats of my franken 'Laughing Though my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey

NYC East Village , SH White Dove, SH Balance Frost and my Franken Laughing through my Tears

2 coats of NYC West Village - with 2 coats of my franken layered over West Village

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey, 2 coats West Village on Thumb

w/ 2 coats of My Franken Layered

3 coats of Claire's Matte Grey no TC

2 coats of Franken Laughing Through my Tears layered over Claire's Matte Grey


Anonymous said...

Great swatches! Pretty colors.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

The franken top layering is kewl!!!

I've followed you from the very start of following nail blogs.

I am Kimberly and I have:

Erin said...

I'm pretty sure I'm already on your list but if not

Erin :)

Amber @ My Nail Graffiti said...

You are so good at freehand stuff!! P.S. I would love to be added to your blog roll!! It's