Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sinful Colors = Old Skool Polish's

Here is my Old Skool Sinful Colors Page - I picked up these older polish's at various bargain stores in my town, mostly at the one I rave about all the time ( Loony Twoons ). I think the new Sinful Colors polish collection has replaced my #1 favorite USA polish, Pure Ice. Next time I head down, I know what I'll be looking for♥

Anyhoo here is a bunch of older Sinful Colors polish's. The shimmery ones were VERY shimmery, all were quite sheer, but I think that was acceptable in the olden days, so I cant complain. These are all 3 coats, with some VNL still visible. Many of these were so shiny that I did not use TC for the photos.

Sharron's Heart


 Fuchsia Purple

Passion Fruit


 Old Gold

 Maghony ( Mahogany )

Whats That!

Green Bean

Greenwich Girl ---layered over Moonstone Chrome
( I found this one at another bargain store, it is practically clear, so I had to layer ( I  Luv U S.H. Chromes )

...and some bottle shots, again. The names on the top and bottom do not match lol

L - R; Old Gold, What's That, Maghony, Green Bean, Passion Fruit =3 coats w/TC

L-R; Fuchsia Purple, Fiji, Sharron's Heart X2, NYC = 3 coats w/TC


The Preppy Student said...

Maghony is my fav!

Bregje said...

Oh there's some gorgeous colors here! Especially the first 3 :)

Lois said...

I loooove Figi! It's soo pretty!

Nail Designs xox said...

I love all the colors! Are they old bottles? I think I have sinful colors around me but the bottle is a different shape

Leticia said...

I need a dark brown like that one!

Lucy said...

The only one I have is Fiji. My favorite is Mahogany also. Looks gorgeous on you.

The Phalanges Friend said...

Omg, I love NYC. Totally need that one in my life.